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Artist: DJ Serious f/ Theology 3
Album:  Rugged Radio Saturday
Song:   Snakes
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Big up my man phat skill
This is for the snakes, the suckas, the liars in disguise
They'll be many times before
And then many times again in the future 
C'mon bring it to 'em like this
I watch kids so intently
I watch how they talk all bold but then they tread so gently
Leave they man cold through the envy
Fuck up for real when they feel that your life's on empty
Soul in a frenzy
Knowin' that the end be near and livin with a sense of care
They can't bear for another to climb to great heights
Compliment then diss in the same light
Promisin' friendship, yo it ain't right
When your honor is met with the kid who ain't psyched
But it's lit justly, strictly constantly fight
With their own downfalls and they wanna be like
Instead of diggin up yours, they ride coattails
Til they get applause, then yap they jaws
About family biz and that's the gang street law
I gave you a sign, why you hatin' me for?
I ain't done nothin but support and help out
On the other hand i'm glad you be a sellout
Too many yessmen spoil the broth
And if my head got gassed, then I probably would've turn soft because
"Postin all realistic"
"Pay attention to the rules and the lyrics of the truth"
"The pens and pads i'll snatch cause i've had it"
"Songs like this'll make a rapper reminisce
About the days when we were set here fine"
"Pay attention to the rules and the lyrics of the truth"
"I like to talk about fact not fiction" 

Aiyyo, trick you, they try to fool you
By flippin the issue but i'm here to school you right
So if you down with the zulu and rock steady crew
You know that hip-hops my life
I'm puttin down vibes for this screwface capital
Four to five in my lifetime think rational
Represent real when I roam
Assassinate they kings so let they subjects rule their throne
Respect fools and clones, I resurrect legends
Let it be known from the past to the present
Hip hop survived through the media blitz
While these fake cats fall through the greedy abyss
I take flight, and put it down right
From T-Dot to ground heights til it sound tight through the mic
Like the eighteenth letter
Anyone can dust out a follower, but i'm tryna make things better
And tell 'em what's wrong in a silent lesson
If they don't catch on, it lead to violent aggression
Your rep gone, cats dial nine eleven
You find out your bretheren be the one with the weapon
Fuck enemies and friends the scope of your memory depends 
On the subjects they cleverly defend
Like money and the girls and material thing
That's why I hold court like imperial kings
I hook up the main thing, wait by the plate
If the appetite overrides lyrical whims
About clout then you better shout spiritual hymns
And understand all the sufferin when burial brings because

Aiyyo here's the epilogue as I end this chapter
If you front fam, then you flirtin' with disaster
Cause on the one hand you be certain i'm the master
But tryna run plan, it be birthin my disaster
Just one man and if you virgin with the blaster
Frontin gunman and it's certain you an actor
When the gun jam, you best run find a pastor
Or call sanctuary or it's curtains for you bastards
I never like benedicts
I'll foot the winds in they own fringe benefits
All the while actin funny style til the end of it
Tryna stack mad money powers off your penmanship
You better get on, front while you can
I watch things you never gettin done by my man
If my man ain't my right hand, slide to the left
I expose the niggas tryna hide in your flesh because
This is for the snakes, the suckas, the liars in disguise
This is for the snakes, the suckas, the liars in disguise
This is for the snakes
Hook 2x