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Artist: DJ Quik
Album:  Under Tha Influence
Song:   Gina Statuatorré
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[DJ Quik]
She wanna, put on her favorite CD and take it off
She wanna, get up on top of some D and make it soft
She wanna, ride around off in my big beige Coupe
But she don't wanna go and kick it with her own age group
She wanna, hit the dodo 'til it make hers eyes tight
But her, I.D. photo picture's on the right side
So I, told her "get somewhere and jump you some hoop
or hop some jax with your buddies 'stead of flirtin' with folks
She wanna, smuggle Gin off in the club in her purse
She wanna, be the one to say that she hit it first
She wanna, hold the record for the most play things
that she done stuffed off in her nani 'fore the age 18
She wanna, pierce her navel 'til it hurts like hell
and play it off and pierce her tongue too 'cause she like girls
She wanna, wrap her leg around the pole and go spin
until them pills that she swallowed really start to kick in...

She wanna, ride in a Bentley 'cause she heard they the bomb
She wanna, lick on a sucker 'til her lips get numb
She wanna, find a goldie that she know she can dig
and then go eat some grits and eggs until her ass gets big
She wanna, go adjust that look to fix her hair
then go take some pictures sittin' in that wicker chair
She wanna, let the pimpin' know she down to bone
but when it come to her I.D. she done forgot it at home
She wanna, knock a O.G., tell her girls she done got him
then go into vivid detail 'bout his two-minute problem
She wanna, drop her peachy folder down on the ground
and then go get a Maxim magazine to show that she's down
She wanna, let these players know that she ain't no kid
So go put this wristband on bitch so we know who you is
She want a diamond bracelet, a diamond necklace
A diamond party at thr Diamond Club with a diamond checklist...