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Artist: DJ Quik & Problem f/ AMG
Album:  Rosecrans
Song:   European Vacation
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[Intro: AMG]
We're so official, can we get with you?
Pussy so bomb like a missile - BOOM!
Last nigga hit you, he was so gone
that he still needs a tissue, is this an issue?
I'm on the block, takin your spot
Niggaz been itchin to drop
Too many bitches to pop, money to get
I am the, I am the shit

[DJ Quik]
Up in a shiny Range Rover (ALRIGHT)
With a spinnin hangover (ALRIGHT)
Last night I had three bad mamis on molly underneath me
I got up and broke this thang open (WOOP, WOOP, WOOP, WOOP)
Cause they respects a G (THEY DO)
And after that, they erects the D (THEY DO)
She my bat catcher... and I'm tryna pitch
The whole nine innings, I ain't tryna switch
Cause it's the Eastside, Northside, Westside, homicide
Dancefloors burn like you went and got a perm
My music get you high enough to run from Big Worm
Dancefloors burn like you went and got a perm
But before I give you music you can't use
I'd rather walk in fire but without my shoes, huh
I ain't a punk, I just love perfection
Simon Cowell on the guns, bullets go in +One Direction+, uh!
I slap the shit out of a bitch ass nigga
Runnin your mouth and immediately mad nigga
You wrinkled up, kinda sore
With a cheap suit color of manure - GET ON~!
I'm on some shit right now
I'm 'bout to stick my dick up in your bitch right now
You come to Compton, you could smoke with DJ Quik right now
I'm on ROSECRANS - huh
Headed back from the city to the studio with keys to let the hoes in
But when they mob in, yo, they awfully overdressed
What the hell you do in those pants? (Those pants, THOSE PAAAAAAAANTS)
Let the background sing, background sing
While I'm in the background doin background things
Back it up, make it do the back down thing
I'ma touch that middle, make 'em all sizzle, huh
Is that confetti in the ceiling? (Why, yes it is!)
Well, make it all fall down on these chil'ren (Let's go!)
That's your champagne, that's my blunt (What?)
So we gon' take 'em to the bottom 'til the sun's up

Man.. nigga, what's crackin? Where the, where the bitches at right now?
Where the - ay, pour me, hand me that bottle over there, shit
Man, Problem, nigga, share that blunt over here, shit
I'm tryna get it CRACK-IN right now, nigga, on the Westside

Perception is reality
My mentality and principalities be havin me like
I wonder how Jay feel watching Dame on reality TV
Jay got the girl, Dame got the attention
The irony in this I'd like to mention
is they both got what they want
These niggaz bite they tongue to kick it, well, I won't
Shit, I am a product of my environment
My Compton inspirers got me firing, LIKE...
My workers ain't came to they job on time
A gang of times, the stars and my gang align
My vibe is on, my women all fly and shit
They high as shit, it's like they like to fly and shit
The flyest shit is usually what you find me in
I fuck, you gone, I'm not the type to fly you in
Shit, we 'bout to throw a party, if you fly, you in
Then we gon' party 'til the si-si-si-si-sirens come
I got a molly, baby, you should tr-tr-tr-tr-try you one
I bet it puh-puh-puh-puh-POP like a firing gun - POW~!
{esool teg eshet llA
 !spoo ekil llaf elohw eht dna remmus eht nur ot tuoB'}
Cause when I step up in the club, baby, all these hoes get loose
'Bout to run the summer and the whole fall like oops!
Get up, me and Mr. Quik whip the shit up
Fuck with us, have your whole hood lit up
STILL, rap niggaz with money, it ain't a lotta
Cause you niggaz suck, Afrikan Bambaataa
Man, you niggaz don't want no problem with the Chacho
Just double-dipped, R.I.P. Lil Bosko
Westside's a fuckin Number 9 with a waffle
Diamond Lane, yeah, the D. Rose, Chicago
+Bull+-shit, I hope your girl with that
Sound like a brought the Quik with the curl on back (WHAAAAAT~!)
Check how he got the shit bangin
'92 bandannas, extra clip hangin
But instead of puttin holes in niggaz
We trying to teach niggaz how to get hoes
and how to get dough and how to get mo'
This gon' make 'em pull their riders out
This gon' make 'em pull them riders back OUT!
I'ma make 'em pull their riders out (WHAT!)
I'ma make 'em pull them riders back OUT!
Make 'em pull them back OUT!
We gon' make 'em pull them riders OUT!