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Artist: DJ Quik f/ Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, AMG, 2nd II None, Hi-C & El DeBarge
Album:  Rhythm-al-ism
Song:   Medley For a 'V' (The Pussy Medley)
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[Snoop talking]
Ay yo G-1 I been listening to this nigga Quik album
& he ain't got no songs about the pussy. You know
that nigga gotta have something about the pussy on
this shit ya feel me? And I'm just that nigga to beat
the pussy up. So uh if you feel me like I feel you ya
know what I'm sayin' let me get a little piece of this
thang here like that there, trip.

Let a nigga from the E.S. L.B. D.P. beat that pussy
'til it's soft & mushy I love that bushy
and most niggas still do unless that bitch shit
smells like mildew & we'll do damn near anything to get it
and once I got it I'm outtie I stay 'bout it
I sip a little tea then light up my weed
I slip on my rubber out the cover then I proceed
to give yo' little thick ass what you need
gangsta gangsta I'll make ya cootie cat scream
Didn't I turn ya on like a phone you lovin'
that Doggy Dogg meaty bone
When ya moan ya whole voice tone make me wanna
put my bizalls in ya jizaws 'cause y'all
know what I'm gettin' at I'm spittin' at
Nigga wanna fuck trick so what's up bitch (biotch)
See as long as my muthafuckin dick get hard
and I got a million dollars banked out on my credit card
No disrespect or no disregard but I'm hoppin' for that pussy
like they used to hop for cars my nigga DJ Q
told me come on through 'cause he got a gang
of bitches that was down to do
Keep it poppin' since I'm from the big LBC
that's right down the street from Compton
I pop in the liquor store to grab some h???
a bag of ice some blue dice & some Cognac yeah
the pussy's good especially when it's from a whole
'nother neighborhood how good do it get when you on that G shit
I'm strokin' that pussy 'til that bitch seasick
we dick bitches down and that's Rule #3 in the Dogg Pound
bitch drawers down!

[Snoop singsong]
We won't get no radio play
but we probably get some pussy for this. (What you say?)
I said we won't get no radio play but we probably
get some pussy for this

You can't be he-ey you can't be my lady
but I'll let you be let you be my playmate

Uhh baby let Silk whine while we 6-9
I slide on this rubber & we'll be just fine
Now if my condom broke & my ass got smoked
I'ma still get to Heaven on a little rubber boat uhh
Snoop hit it then I hit it too aww yeah little bitch
I'm talkin' 'bout you now all ya ever do is sit around & boo hoo
talkin' 'bout Hi-C I love that it's you

She said where ya been I said in ya mouth
If ya lookin' for love then take me down South
and I'll tell you all the things to make ya laugh & giggle
while I insert my inner self inside ya tender vittles
a hot pocket Snoop Dogg told me to stop it
He heard me in the other room bangin' a broom
and baby better do me like I'm one in a million
check yo' feelings & point that ass to the ceiling
'cause I'm the dick 'em down king 'call me on the celly
let it ring & prepare ya lips for the ding ding
and if ya got some friends let 'em bend on over
while I ride 'em like a '98 Rover
You can wish & you want but this dick ya gonna meet
hit ya elbows & knees & spread ya booty cheeks
and call me Daddi with a "I" girl you're doin'
everything by the book Nate Dogg tell 'em how she looked

Girl ya lookin' fine so fine I wonder if you'd like to take the time
to grind. If so why don't you leave with me today let's play
this game I call it touch a secret place let's play
See first I just grab ya from behind ya mine and then
I just push until I find that ?? Right now I know you've came
a couple of times that's fine as long as you know I have to leave
in time. You can't be...You can't be he-ey you can't be my lady
but I'll let you be let you be my playmate. You can't be he-ey
you can't be my lady but I'll let you be let you be my playmate.

[Gangsta D]
Now ain't nothin' like tight pussy on my dick
It's the Gangsta D baby never saved a trick
Got a harem full of hoes mashin' to the studio
with all my niggas you will get busy hoe
Now the first bitch she want dick to the tonsils
my second & third wanna fuck on the console
My fourth start to leave like the Duke was shootin' shots
while my money maker walking the stroll for my knot
got that bitch mouth smellin' like fresh cock

Young to it If I can smell it I'm a tell ya to get going
with a douche pack you're makin' my nose react
Reekin' but that ain't tweed or no yak
more like 25 pounds of get back & I can tell by ya
walk it's talk back but if that ain't yo case let me take a ride
on yo' love rollercoaster pull them panties aside KK

[El Debarge]
I'ma lead it to the left & to the right & I'ma
make ya scream & holla for more & I bet
you when I'm in it you can't help but to admit it
you ain't never came this good before
Chevis-Regal got my dick so hard I ain't gon'
make it to the house because that's too far
Mr. Quik give me the keys to the Benzo
so I can hit it right here on the E-Lo Haaaaa Baaaaby
I'ma get some pussy tonight as soon as you turn off the lights
I'ma get some pussy tonight as soon as you turn off the lights
I'ma get some pussy tonight as soon as you turn off the lights
I'ma get some pussy tonight as soon as you turn off the lights

[DJ Quik: vocals all reversed]
Ha ha
Now I be still be knocking bitches like it ain't shit
Almost 10 years later but I still slang dick
And my penis, is like Venis, its far away
And its not butter baby, more like parkay
As we bounce to the city that you, used to know
The CPT with AMG, and all the bitches roll
We gon be fly all the way G-ride
As we dip-dip-dive, I shoot it in your eye
Cuz pussy ain't a thang to me
And my nuts when, they hang, they be okay to me
Cuz I'm a fly type of nigga, yeah its bigger
When you seen it on the muthafuckin microscope, it's bigger
Ha-ah-ah-ahahahah, then reverse like a muthafucka
Watching muthafucka crash on that ass
Police videos, fuckin all these hoes
I don't sun set with the hoes and shit
The pimps, girls, and the prostitutes
The prostitutes running from the police
It ain't nothing but a three P on me
Mr. Dante baby, don't you see
Can we flip, flip the shit back over let me hear it
I like the reverse, sounding good in my ear
Crazy, this shit is crazy