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Artist: DJ Quik f/ AMG, KK, Tha D
Album:  Quik is the Name
Song:   Deep
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[DJ Quik]
Now in my lyrics I kick this shit that the critics debate to
but I still create the shit that the brothers relate to
cause it's simple, but I'm no simp, I'm lettin you have it
to the temple leavin a scar MUCH bigger than a, pimple
You want the rubber from a gangsta boot to your grill?
Come take a ride with me and witness the thrill
of an ass-whuppin, issued by the brothers in the khaki pants
Some think I'm too light to fight, so then they'll win but I grin
when I sail to your motherfuckin chin (MMM)
So suckers keep walkin until the po-po is talkin
in plain simple english; no wait in plain simple slang, no jivin
Fuckin with me is more lethal than drinkin and drivin
or try to figure the flow I deliver
Punk it makes you shiver when you think I'm takin two to your liver
The D-to-the-E-to-the-motherfuckin-A with a vengeance
A side of Quik that you ain't never experiencin
I'm stutter steppin with crap on the low and I flow well
Intensifyin with every line, cause I show and tell
My backup is backin, never leavin me lackin
With Double or Nothin, KK, D, and AMG and we're stackin
up sales - for motherfuckers just like you
(For a punk motherfucker with a punk motherfuckin crew!)
Yo I know you peeped that you just can't creep
It's too steep so take a leap because we roll too motherfuckin deep

Chorus: {samples}

"(How deep?) Deeper than Atlantis" -> Brother J (X-Clan)
	"Niggaz can deal with that shit" -> Richard Pryor
So I'm rollin.. DEEP.. deep
	"Deeper than Atlantis" -> Brother J (X-Clan)
"Man that's bad.."	".. naw that's good!"

[Tha D]
You see we rollin deep, cause a nigga playin the backseat
We won't get beat, so run up and get sweeped
by a young motherfuckin ass nut
We whup your ass and make your momma feel it
and watch you just fold up
It's Tha D in the back with the strap
Down for some shit with a bitch in my lap
Punk motherfuckers like to play the brave role
But I don't give a fuck, you can still get T-rolled
It ain't like you never been checked befo'
You stupid nigga, your bitch, your hoe
The motherfuckers rollin the backstreets
Not givin a fuck, because we roll too motherfuckin deep

"(How deep?)"

Deeper than the crack in your momma's cock
Too deep for a nigga, now I can't stop
Cause niggaz'll roll deep, deep in the middle of the street
So deep we roll onto next week
Two's and fo's, that nigga K throws heavy blows
Heavy enough to knock the snot out of niggaz nose
Cause niggaz ain't nothin but head and shoulders
?? nigga, we should be rollin this
And I'ma roll, cause I'm doin my own thing
(Yeah, motherFUCK a posse, we roll with a gang, niggaz)
For those who wanna sleep, time to creep
Straight up fools, cause niggaz is rollin deep


Fuck a one-time jack, I eenie meenie miney wet the hoes
Back in the alley I be rollin on the pimpin mode
Unfadeable, cause I'm D-double-E-P
AMG be catchin niggaz slippin constantly
and hoes wanna hoe, with a niggerole like so
and after I trick, yo see you later bitch!
And niggaz think they know what they talkin bout, whatchu sayin?
It was your bitch, that I was fuckin layin and playin
so, if she was fine don't be denyin that I did her
Trust your data nigga, and let my dick get with her
because another motherfuckin gangster's strollin yo
In the 9-0, niggerole, this is how I'm rollin