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Artist: DJ Quik f/ El Debarge
Album:  The Midnight Life
Song:   That Nigger's Crazy
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[Intro: El Debarge]
So crazy...
Nigga done lost his mind
Ohhh, you're so crazy
Cra-zay, crazy, crazy crazy crazy
Ha-ohh... Sho 'nuff lost his mind
Ohhh yeah, ohhh, oooh...

[DJ Quik] (El Debarge)
Ah! When the dick's good, hoes want it down to the nuts
You don't need no Viagra or ExtenZe (Done lost yo' mind)
Cause when the dick's good, they put their cushion on your front
And they swing it from left to right until it ends (Oh you so fine, oh Lord..)
But then they all catch feelings and the psycho shows
And that's when they becoming passive-aggressive hoes
Talkin 'bout flippin it and what she would do with her toys?
You can't put nothin in me - BITCH, I'M A BOOOOY~!!
...And if you keep annoyin me
I'ma pump your pussy full of lead and poison both your ovaries
I'm fly, too/two fly, I wish it made sense to say three fly
but can't because free high
Sterile from the barrel so that means that I'm clean
And I'm so cool, I can nut ice cream
Now how you want it? When you want it? Come get up on it
If you get it, you gon' get it, you know how I get when I hit it, I split it

[Chorus: DJ Quik cuts and scratches while El Debarge harmonizes]
"That nigga's crazy!" {4X}

[DJ Quik]
Talkin to me? ...Shit
Niggaz in LA, they talk just like a bitch
Mouth open like ho pussy, complete with the drips
You lucky my security don't want it to pop  
They lookin out for you bastards, if it was me, you'd be shot
REAL man don't gossip and real Gs' don't plot
They put it down where it started and once it start it don't stop
If you had as much money as you niggaz had words
You'd probably be up on instead of down on the curb
I'm a legend and a playa and a gangsta to boot
The only banger with the key to the city in my loot
I've had a spell placed over me that'll screw up ya luck
If you push ya mob up on me, plot on me, you'd be fucked
That's that voodoo that Pirus do, that fly crews do
That fire on tired niggaz that cockblock like you do
Killer and a prophet, Nostradamus with Glocks
Acquitted at the trial, only my hair is in locks, now kick rocks


[Interlude: El Debarge]
I wanna know, I wanna know
I wanna know, I wanna knoooow, yeaah
Why you're so crazy? Why you're so crazy?
Must be out of your mind, yeaaa-eaa-eaa-ea-yeah
Must be out of your mind

[DJ Quik]
You wanna know me? You wanna know my mind?
I like to make dope beats and hear dope-ass lines
I like to drink from this cup, and have a dope-ass time
I like multiple bottles empty but all in a line
I'm a star, you can only be a co-star here
That should be cool, consider that you wasn't shit last year
Super cocky disc jockey, used to fight like hockey
Apollo Creed on Rocky, I make you bleed if you mock me
Checkin niggaz on Twitter who wanna brand me as bitter
Watch your mouth or bite your lip or get it split by a spitter
Now do EVERY drug you wanna cause it's all from the earth
Make the grind, do some lines, just remember your word haha!


[Outro: El Debarge]
Don't mind you crazy, don't mind you crazy
Sho nuff out of your mind
Whyyyy you're crazy
Crazy, must be out of your mind
So crazy crazy crazy
Must be out of your mind
And HOOOOOOOOW you're so crazyyyy-YEE
(DJ Quik is in the motherfuckin house)
Must be out of your mind
Ohhh, you're so crazy!