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Artist: DJ Quik f/ David Blake II
Album:  The Midnight Life
Song:   That Getter
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(Early in the evening!) 8:37 p.m.
(Yeah, smellin good in here!) Pacific Standard Time
(Look at this y'all, look) (Drankin)
This what's happenin... (LET'S GO~!)

[DJ Quik]
Number two is for pencils so I'ma do instrumentals (yep)
I write in my head, I still see too much potential (Yeah!)
I'm throwin them parties (parties), the ones you remember ('member)
In 1999, from June to November
Walkin 'round in my sandals, but I'm gettin shit handled
With or without the scandal, yeah I'm gettin shit handled
I'm too old? (Too old?!) No such (No such)
2 Fonky (2 Fonky!) Pretty much - that's wassup (Nigga!)
Partyin in LA, niggaz showin me love (love)
They bought me twelve drinks and I threw up in the club (club)
Are y'all gon' kill me? Am I gon' kill myself?
I go too fuckin hard, I need to watch my health (Hey!)
See I need to brush my teeth and shit, lay off this leaf and shit
Before I get a DUI (See you high?) Yeah, I'm high
Finicky people, wanna hold me as hostage
I do about face and walk right into my conscience
Gold around my neck, ain't nothin on my toes
A bunch of white powder, ain't nothin up my nose
I'm a geek, I suppose (yeah!) I'm a freak, I suppose (yeah!)
I'm whatever you want me to be this week, I suppose
Yeah, it's gettin (gettin), it's gettin (gettin), it's gettin kinda hectic (hectic)
It's gettin kinda turnt and all these hoes gettin naked
I'm toastin my bread yeah, a toast to my bread yeah
I toast to my homies, now let's go eat and get fed yeah
I'm feelin kinda loaded, yeah I'm feelin some buzz yep
I'm fillin my red cup, we 'bout to go bottoms up
Nigga don't understand me, he's a goddamn lie (Why?)
Cause if he don't comprehend me, he's probably too damn high (Fucked up~!)
Do you understand Porsche? Do you understand Mercedes?
Do you understand buzzers and parties with fine ladies?
You still don't, playa? Then I guess that's good
I'm like that German writing, you see under my hoods (what?)
Not in my hood (uh-huh), but up under my hoods (uh-huh)
Be as stupid as you want to like they taught you you should (uh-huh)
Niggaz is 18%, of population in school
50%'s suspension, expulsions, that shit ain't cool, partna
School is free, life after that is not
Asphalt pavement is cold (yea!), tension in jail is hot (yea!)
Motherfuckers in my neighborhood grew up to be nothin
Went around the world stuntin, they still there doin nothin
(Nothing...) And now it's +Three's Company+ on my planet
(On my planet) I'm kickin Chrissy out and keepin Janet
(Uh..) That's a brunette, Mot, who's next? Go check
(Hey homie, you don't mind openin that door for them bitches)

Son, you're killin it
You're doin it just like I showed you
Remember, if these people don't like you
that means they see you as competition
They adversarial, just keep the secrets
and just let them keep on talkin

[David Blake II]
Standin on the top peak I climbed to get some leverage
Opposition in my cup, toastin down the beverage
Put me in the boat, bottom filled with hoes
In the middle of the O, I still make it to the coast (I do it)
We gon' party hard, and we ain't in no rush
I've been trapped in this balloon, waitin for it to bust (BOOM!)
See this life that I'm in, workin for what I want
All this trendy things that everybody always be on
See I'm only on me, that's why I stand out
Always things that's in my way but love the way they pan out
Man, this life is so crazy! Nose is smellin them checks
I just makin music 'til I know what I'ma do next
The labels know who I am, y'all ain't gotta be worried
You can read that we winnin, nigga and that's a true story
Man, I came so far, I just never acknowledged it (love it)
I throw you my creations, I just love yo' astonishment (yea)

I'ma be me 'til the death of me
And I'ma keep it one hunnid 'til the death of me
...I love the love, did I mention that?
But sometimes these niggaz tend to make the tension bad
I keep it honest, don't be mad at me
But I don't really like to talk cause I don't like to speak
...And when I say that I keep you aroused
I'm that A1 getter, know I put it down
Cause I'm that getter, I'm that getter, I'm that getter...yeah
Cause I'm that getter, I'm that getter, I'm that getter...whoa
Cause I'm that getter, I'm that getter, I'm that getter...yeah
Cause I'm that getter, I'm that getter, I'm that getter...