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Artist: DJ Quik f/ Suga Free, Dom Kennedy, Keisha Smith
Album:  The Midnight Life
Song:   Life Jacket
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[Chorus: Keisha Smith]
Woe is me... I can't get my bread up
When it's so easy... I can't keep my head up
For the stormy seas, all I need
Someone to look out for me (Toss me, a life jacket)
Toss meeee... (a life jacket)
Toss me... (a life jacket)
Toss meeeeeee... (a life jacket)

[Suga Free]
Feelin so sweet, how I emerge
Makin richy, glitchy, bougie people come party with us, kick it and splurge
So I'm {Suga Free} and keep me a life jacket on
Take the bitter with the sweet and keep my hookers in the street
and keep {Suga Free!}, oh yeah, I'm on my way up to glory with this one
this time, dammit, because I heard it's more there!
{Suga Free!!} This can only be done by us
Now beg his pardon for his stomach, turn it up one good time and get the money
{Suga FREE!!} Oh my God
I'm Quik like, ("Ah-ha! You love California for the gold, right?") Naw, the BROADS~!
{Suga FREE!!!} Bitch, the shit I told you not to do today
applies for EVERYDAY, hoe! Get it STRAIGHT now!!
{SUGA FREE!!!} Oh shit, did you fuck me? (WHAT?!)
Uh, you mean, you stayin home, bitch, cause yo' dog have puppies?
{SUGA FREE!!!!} After y'all get off, hoe
Go check that Long Beach out near sunset, we come back home and get my neck wet


[DJ Quik]
I'm in a Chevy, with the top dropped
I parked BOTH Benzes, but neither's in the shop
I'm on my third Rolex, but show me what's next and I bet I'll get it
Do it, done it, daggone it, I'm a mess
And when I play this guitar, it's gon' make my dick hard
Something like the Scarecrow Michael Jackson, FUCK +The Wiz-ard+
I shoulda gone to Gilli-ard, bipolar is Julliard
Either extreme, I'll KILL you motherfuckers, on the schoolyard
Checks off, in bound, watch the Quiksta get down
I hate a hacker, hackey players need to go back, sit down
Cause if you ain't with the now, that makes you way-back-when
And you can keep ALL of that retro-dated action
Now get up on my time zone, quit workin with limestones!
Switch that shit for marble and granite
Produce Whitney and Janet - oh you can't
Nobody else on this planet, it's just me
I'm a plant, and I'm so dope, you can't handle it
I rhyme and you ramblin... I rhyme and you ramblin


[Dom Kennedy]
Yeah, uh... tryna burn somethin
Buy a lot of books these days, tryna learn somethin
Cars that ain't got no miles, you know my style
See me and be like wow, she's so aroused
Had to let the windows down, you know the crown
The all white and black White Sox hat, it's goin down
Take a nigga shoppin or somethin, don't be frontin
Told er'rybody we datin - no, we wasn't!
We was just havin some fun, then you tripped
Talkin that relationship shit, then I dipped
Went to the studio quick, got with Quik
Told him let me get a sixteen, made a hit
The O.P.M. money legit, I keep countin
Last time I made ten records off three ounces
I'ma need a house with a view and like three fountains
Just a little something for my niggaz to keep bouncin
Uh, yeah... cause we don't dance much
Yeah - I still sag and pull my pants up
Aye - Y'all should start doin stand-up
Uh -  You sold records, pull them scans up
Aye - Said my niggaz pull them vans up
Uh - Now you niggaz understand duck
Yeah - DJ Quik hooked the jam up
Uh - Sound like he hooked the band up
Uh - Suga Free I'm a fan bruh
Aye - Damn, this finna fuck the land up
Uh... Cause it'll never stop
Yo' style is like lemonade, it'll never pop
Every time you on TV, I don't never watch
I'm the one who created the game, I can never flop
Rest in peace to Etta James, she in a better spot
This summer I'm makin fur and wearin leather hot, ha!

Yeah... Uh-uh-uh, hahaha!
DJ Quik, you the greatest