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Artist: DJ Quik f/ BlaKKazz K.K., Jon B.
Album:  The Book of David
Song:   Do Today
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[DJ Quik]
Four, three, two
Let's count it off: one (one) 
Now we gon' show you all to have fun (fun)
Get dressed and hit the club at 'bout two (two)
I'ma order me a Henny and a brew 
And I'ma grab two girls or maybe three (three)
Now get on the dancefloor with me
We wanna know what you came for (four)
I wanna see you get it on the floor
Now we gon' push out about five (five)
I'm feelin your buzz and beehive
Now let's go get some breakfast at six (six)
Out in front of the diner, we takin pics
And I could see the red eye, it's like seven (seven)
Got the engine in the Tahoe revvin
Pick up the check and bounce about eight (eight)
Now it's time to put you up on the plate 
Honey, I'll be the 6, you'll be the 9 (nine)
I gotta have you again, you're too fine (too fine)
Girl, you're better than 9, you're like dime (dime)
On a beautiful scale, you'll get a ten 
Because you don't take up with all men (nah, nah)
You got me lost for time, it's 11:30
And your body's like heaven, so curvy
So just one more time, you assume
so we can both be asleep by noon

[Chorus: Jon B]
What are you gonna do today? Let me fly out to LA
Where the sun never hides behind the clouds
You peep the shore line when you landed, on the 4-5 now dippin
Whatever's on your mind's what we gon' do now
Oh yeah..

[BlaKKazz K.K.]
I like your cinnamon buns dipped in Deréon
Feelin the jeans just bustin the seams
Make the K fiend, but whatcha game like?
Lookin at you baby, I see ya frame right
We on the floor with the girls off tequila
Sexy, independent, party goin divas
that like to drop it low, stop and go
Push back that ass, girl don't stop that show
Party hard, make a toast
By the end of the night doin the most
I'm checkin out ya pedicure package, ya well-managed
You're bilingual? I hit you with the Spanish
(¡Soy Culo a Negro, {?} se madingo, con la culebra grande~!)
Yeah, I'm international, now you know
Lovin the black and brown, I do it all


[DJ Quik]
Now the Hollywood glitz and glamour, that's just one aspect
Still pack your camera, cause we got projects
Just like Atlanta but you might get seasick
So bring Mylanta, cause we got marinas and yachts and big mansions
And bubbly pourin on the patio I'm dancin
I kick it with Prince, but his house he was jammin
Plus I didn't have to fly out to Minneapolis
Cause it's the metropolis, it's where they topless
It's where we party in the evening where the cops is
House of Blues day, Key Club Tuesday
Sunset crackin a lot harder than where you stay
They come from the I.E., they comin from Sandberg
They comin from Phoenix and Las Vegas where the sand burns
They comin from 'Frisco, they comin from O-HI
They comin from Memphis and Detroit and NY
but all of 'em fly


[Outro: Jon B]
Oh yeah, yeah
What we gonna do now, babe, is 
Party, party, party, baby party
Party, party, party, baby party
Party, party, party, baby party
Party, party, party, we gon' party
Oh yeaaaaaah, whoa yeaaaah
Party party party, like Uncle Charlie
Whoooooa, whoa-whooooa yeah ye-yeah-yeah
Oh yeah yeah, oh whoa one time
for you mind baby, oh whooooa, uh