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Artist: DJ Quik & Kurupt
Album:  BlaQKout
Song:   Ohh!
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Kurupt]
Yeah check this out man
I got me some Hennessy on the rocks
You underdig me mayne?
I also got some Gentlemen Jack in the back
Ya heard me? We gon' do this real super big
Ridin around, in the West coast
Yeah, the ladies love us
The ladies adore us, all in the West coast
Yeah, you understand me you underdig?
It's Kurupt Young Gotti, DJ Quik, uh-huh
Yeah, uh-huh, swag or nothin bitch
Check it, look

She's just so freaky, she just wanna freak me
She been dyin to meet me, she's tryin to eat me
Pursuin the agenda, I just can't remember
Is it Aqua Velvet she wants to give me her helmet
You can meet me right here, while I meet you over there
Trust me, she been wantin to fuck me for a year
Glad you could make it, now take your time
And relax, kick back and elevate your mind
See smoke on this bomb, it's the bomb unwind
Cause I been tryin to get at you for quite some time
Now your body and your mind help inspire my rhymes
It inspires me to find, newfound styles and designs
that I design every time, me and your intertwine
By the end of the night, I'm hittin that from behind
In the back, in the 'llac I'm hittin that from behind
I like the way that you make your booty clap from behind

Yeah, y'know
Just a G party, we've been doin this for centuries
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Gangsters, riders, yeah, everything but you busters
Ha ha ha, haters, ha, yeah
Now listen, listen

[DJ Quik]
Nowadays, suckers seem to be so fuckin naive
You talkin to a whip I'm a {?}sewer phospherence{?}
I'ma choo choo that's for chicks, I'ma do me you gon' do you
If you hot, I'm gon' do you and I ain't askin for chips
Who's the shit? I'm the coolest trip
I just invented me a brand new ship
C-O-M-P-T-O-N, Compton tells you who I am
Yes nobody is better; I'm in 20/20 too
14 years ahead of you bitches - and you niggaz too
Get your health up; cause this music might make you
sick enough to throw your wealth up, thumper in my pocket
I'm gon' stealth up
You keep talkin cat you gon' get welt up
I know the prison system
That's why they missed him cause the kid is wisdom
I love Glock, I love new music that knock
I love to shock, I love the block
I used to slang rocks, but I was told to stop
Music is your toy and Quik you born to rock
And you can't stop until you on the spot
Now get 'em

I got 'em, yeah yeah
She's sayin
Come get 'em
Sing it
{*whip cracks*}