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Artist: DJ Quik & Kurupt
Album:  BlaQKout
Song:   Problem: The B Stands For Beautiful
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

When, when I say the B word
I say baby you the B word, that's not a diss
That's a beautiful lady
That's what you are from now on so
Walk up to you say "Girl you just actin like the B word"
You actin like a beautiful lady
but you still a bitch... when I leave
I just ain't ain't gon' call you a bitch to your face no more
Like I see I, cause I I feel
I don't wanna disrespect you
On the real {*laughing*} y'know, but I expect you to
Stay, in a a in a bitch in, in your bitch mode~!
You, you kinda undersmell what I'm tellin you because you feel me
You too, y'know bitches listen to this type shit, they know
They know when they fuckin {*laughs*} when they
When they rat ass, is bitches they know it
I we don't tell 'em y'knahmean? It glows
It's like, when you get a new shirt or somethin y'knahmean?
Y'know they put that on every day like "Youse a bitch!"
I can see it once you leave, once you get up, when you wake up
You ain't nothin but a constipated-ass bitch
And, and you just gotta deal with it and keep movin, feel me?
Cause these old frappy ratchet-ass hoes
I'ma woman - yeah youse a bitch too!
You can be ah, y'know, you feel me y'knahmean?
Y'know I'm a nigga, I'm a man, I ain't shit - y'know?
I can be all those things at once so y'know you can too
Bitch just lower your personality hoe y'knahmean?
Cause I do it, I KNOW IT
Niggaz know! We just let y'all fly
But y'all ain't shit