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Artist: DJ Magic Mike and the Royal Posse
Album:  DJ Magic Mike and the Royal Posse
Song:   Cause It's Funky
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[ VERSE 1: MC Toney B ]
My rhyme grows stronger, it gets longer
With the crowd my job is to inform ya
As the beat goes my rhymes in time flow
Now you know I'm good to go, so
I must continue, don't insinue
That the party's through, cause I begin to
Put in overtime with a rhyme of mine
That goes through my mind at that time
Never written down, never put in sound
But it still sounds - down
Deeper the ride goes the waves'll spray ashore
Then like a sea shell - I score
The sounds from underground
Bound to be around
Years ago I sunk - thought he has drowned
To reappear from the pier, it ain't clear
But the closer it gets your ears start to hear
Lyrics are poetry, ??????
The shadow I cast will pass with authority
Quiz the majority, who would they rather see
(MC Toney B) me
How can we go on, how can we get strong?
The question stays for days, then I go on
And show you how it's done, one on one, my son
There's no other way - cause it's funky

[ VERSE 2: MC Toney B ]
Now the pace is straight, I won't wait
Give you a chance to dance, recouperate
From the first blow that I throw slow
When the bass goes, deep as logo
So you know-know, there's a show, so
You must go-go, cause I'm on solo
Whoever thought the rhyme was weak was totally wrong
Throughout the song I get 
Lyrically packed and strapped, kill the tracks that co-exist 
With the soloist to put it on wax
At check-out time and now records are mine
You find in the hands of fans who need more jams
Rhythm can only give em what you give em
But lyrics intense with meaning - hit em
Heartburn reflex, stretchin the intellect
The mind is a serious tool - bet
Funky when it gets goin, words flowin
Smooth as a melody, and I'm showin
It doesn't take much, a rhythm and few cuts
And there you have a song - but
In order to make it hit, rhymes click
Together like Lego sticks, you fix
Beats and background, now your sound sounds
Good enough to call it legit
Cause it's funky

[ VERSE 3: MC Toney B ]
What does it take for rappers that have to
Use a rhymin mind to capture
The crowd's attention, dissension mentioned
This leads to chaos, mayhem and tension
Cause rap's an art, dissect it, take it apart
And you will find in time genuine thought
Rather than take more I absorb yours
And wring em out one by one - done
Finished with amateurs, the rhyme's my stamina
That prolongs my song, yet I manage to
Treasure the threshold and use my stronghold
While you succumb to the drum and the rhyme flow
Fixin whatever's broken, words spoken
In a rhythmic tone that focus
On reality, my mentality
Keeps the amount and count of the casualties
It's not a tragedy when I move emphatically
Actually, it's just funky

So finally I've appealed to your ear
It took a while for my style, but it's here
For those who waited, debated and spectated
Toney B has arrived, so be elated
Sure there's more to come, rhythm tracks and drums
Paragraphs of rhymes never heard from
Anyone else who attempts to get with it
You might as well forget it
Cause it's funky