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Artist: DJ Magic Mike and the Royal Posse
Album:  Represent
Song:   Represent
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[ CHORUS: all (8X) ]
We representin, kid, we representin, what?

[ Daddy Rae ]
DJ Scratch
[ DJ Scratch ]
What, I represent, I represent
[ Daddy Rae ]
Infinite J
[ Infinite J ]
What, I represent (represent)
[ Magic Mike ]
Daddy Rae
[ Daddy Rae ]
Represent (represent)
Magic Mike
[ Magic Mike ]
Yo, I represent, I represent

[ VERSE 1: DJ Magic Mike ]
I represent 10 albums at 27 years old
Millions of copies sold and four albums that went gold
I represent a Benz, BMW and a Cherokee
And still the industry won't respect me
Yeah, they give a lot of respect and props
But then the rappers that get em done had albums that flip-flopped
I never flopped an album in my career
You could stand in my shadow and you still couldn't see me here
So brother, check up on your Billboard pops
And you'll see I got more slots than a cheetah's got spots
I wrecks, gets wicked, you niggas couldn't stick it
Forget it, you regret you ever stepped to this man, so bet
I recollect, a-mic-checka 1-2 and what you're thinkin?
I want respect like Aretha Franklin
So when you see me just back the fuck up
Cause see, your shit was like my dick right now (and that sucks)
I represent a strong black mind, I'm one of a kind
Vice President of my own
Makin g's on the microphone
I gets props, I get fanmail, hell
I'm the man of the hour, got more power than that kid Fidel
Castro, as if you didn't know
It's all about do-re-mi, so follow me, hoe, so
It's the Magician and I'm magically stickin
Cause you're magically imitatin and misrepresentin

[ Magic Mike (& all) (8X) ]
I represent, kid (we representin, what?)

[ VERSE 2: Infinite J ]
Goddamn, I am what I am, watch me wreck it
I microphone-check it, Mr. Cool, Calm, Collected
Goin buckwild damn, I got mad styles, 'ooooh chiiild..'
Things'll get easier - meanwhile
I represent the hood where I grew as a kid
To wreck shop, so I did, not your everyday normal neg-
roe, I'm dishin out mad flows, you know I'm a rhyme pro
So don't even front, hizzoe, mizzym
Styles are nothin short of dope
If I wanted em clean, I woulda wrote my shit down on a bar of soap
I gets intricate and slit your throat
With skills so unreal you get ch-chills on each and ever note
So all you wanna-be's, nigga please
Back the fuck up cause Royal Posse MC's will take you out with ease
We got it goin on, you know it won't be long
We got your girlie sayin (he-ey that's my song!)
Infinite the lyrical injector, come selector
Like Wu-Tang said you best protect your neck
Cause I ain't got no heart for you, for you I have no heart
My crew'll rip your ass in two like in _Jurassic Park_
If you step in our way you best keep steppin, son
Cause we're (movin on up) just like the Jeffersons
Now you been rocked by the Infinite
I gots to get the hell out and let the next brother come and represent

[ Infinite Jay (& all) (8X) ]
I represent, kid (we representin, what?)

[ VERSE 3: Daddy Rae  ]
Hah shit - gimme this mic, I got some shit I wanna stress
Relax, release, represent, gets off my chest
You niggas know that I'm in it for the action
Cause 'I'll be there' like my name was Michael Jackson
I find more skies to make money than Delta
I guts niggas like a fish and murder em up like helter skelter
Who felt the, wrath of my staf, I'm cuttin niggas in half
Servin myself a bloodbath with just one paragraph
So slow your roll, I wanna know how you figure
That you were quicker and bigger, bigger and quicker than a bigger nigga?
I stay strong in a battle, I never fled
I gets juiced like Tupac and say em (this nigga's scared!)
Cause we make shit to make your speakers thump
And to that nigga ??at Maniac??, we pissed in the fuckin swamp
I got niggas bobbin they heads and grabbin they dicks
And yellin out loud (yo kid, that's the shit!)
The unorthodox I drop, you can't touch
You hang around my jock so much your name should be Nuts
So 'do you know..' who you're fuckin with
Cause when you step to the Posse you get your wig split
I see you carbon copy rappers don't understand
Cause Rae starts screamin like Chris Tucker (piss off, man!)
And now it's over, I know you can't get with me
Cause I be chillin with my brothers droppin ('agony')

[ Daddy Rae (& all) ]
I represent, kid (we representin, what?)
I represent, kid (we representin, what?)
I represent, kid (we representin, what?)
You know I represent, kid (we representin, what?)
I breaks em up, represent, kid (we representin, what?)
I represent, kid (we representin, what?)
I represent, kid (we representin, what?)
You know I represents, kid (we representin, what?)

( *DJ Scratch scratches* )