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Artist: DJ Drama f/ Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Willie the Kid
Album:  Gangsta Grillz: The Album
Song:   We Must Be Heard
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In the background [DJ Drama] This... Could be something big!

Verse One [Ludacris]
Don't change the station
I've been impatiently waiting
Pacin', welcome to the Danger Zone
It's a war goin' on outside
And my people gotta paint they faces on
And what I gotta do, And what I gotta do
Is work and flip a dolla'
Ain't got no trophies
But I got a shelf of empty liquor bottles

Not an alcoholic but alcohol it
Can ease the pain
Drinkin' all my problems away
But still prayin' in Jesus' name
Tryna' turn our voices up
And the government tones us down
Now that gas is goin' up
And the hood is goin' down

So the hood is comin' fo' ya'
In the streets is hungry goons!
Comin' to a neighborhood near you
Today or someday soon
Betta' watch yo' back, watch yo' front
And watch yo' side to side
Betta' grab yo' gat, light that blunt;
The streets gon' ride tonight

And I'm just gon' ride it out
Til my expiration date
'Cause I go hard and the paint [? ]
They softer than paper plates
Make way for the revolution
And yes you should be scurred
'Cause one way or another..
My people will be heard

Verse Two [Willie the Kid]
Show you what the soldiers see:
Embassy, Diplomacy
Since seen [? ] infantry
Shootin' at the cobra fleet [? ]
Deploy shots, similar to airbags, whereas
This hairpin, trigga' split a hair in half
Body bags, fish it [? ] like Harland [? ]
When I'm airin', tear a chair in half

Watchin' Half Baked
At the cabin by the Lake
See the blue and white plates
See the wood on the panel
I may be Chanel Oat, Chilly O, Flannel Coat [? ]
Warfare? Never fair
Therefore, I need finer things:
Like grenades; tanks; a couple fighter planes

I'm decorated in medals;
Stripes like a Zebra
And by the way, you rappin' Nigga's
I don't like you neitha'
I mean, "either, " proper gramma'
Pop a camera - man on that rap, DVD propaganda
Yeah, Willie the Kid, I ain't one for the shenanigans
Nigga' strike a pose, leave you froze, like a mannequin

Verse Three [Busta Rhymes]
(During Kid's last verse) In these times
The economy got nigga's thinkin'
The worst to make paper
'Cause somebody ain't accommodatin' nigga's
Enough for they slave labor
That's when ya' get a Nigga' thinkin about
Ya' know he gotta' come in to ya'
It's when a nigga' throw a ski mask on
Run up in ya' house, and wanna' do dumb shit to ya'

Rollin' the dices with a nigga' that be strugglin'
Tryna' make it through the crisis
It might just make him wanna' act up a little bit
To print another new gas prices
All this fuckery we got goin' on
Indeed it needs to cease
How the hell is THAT ever, ever gonna happen
When the value of the dollar keeps decreasin'?

Easin' my hand in somebody's pocket
(Fuck that!) I gotta' keep eatin
Speakin' for everybody in the struggle like me
We gotta get it even if we cheatin'!
Breathin' hard, my mind is blown
Tryin' not to get evicted out my home
But tryna' live when you know a nigga' broke
Is like tryna' squeeze blood out a stone

But I'm goin' through the drama with DJ Drama (What!?)
I do it for my kids and mama (Who!)
Leave it to Barack Obama (Yes!)
Change is right around the corna'
You tryin' to keep our people sufferin'
All I gotta say is if you don't ease up this pressure
I promise somebody gonna' pay!

Outro [DJ Drama]
(Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!
Pursuit, huh?
See Each and every day we all get closer
To the real meanin'
Me, myself? I always follow my own path
And now I come here to motivate!
"To be heard" means to say something of value
So I make this my Life
My Liberty
And everday, my Pursuit
What about you?)