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Artist: DJ DMD and the Inner Soul Clique
Album:  Twenty-Two: P.A. World Wide
Song:   When You Come Home
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Check it out
This one here goin to all the homies and homegirls on lock
Keep your head up

[ VERSE 1: Laboo ]
I'm gettin perved, just got word that you're doin time
Called up mom and she was cryin, said you're doin fine
Just a sign to help remind that we're livin in times
When justice is blind, lock a brother up when he shine
I'm searchin to find, peace cause ain't no peace in my mind
Put a man out on the streets and he's gon' hustle and grind
They screamin 'Crime!' while we thinkin meals
And talkin 'Church' - but the preacher ain't gon' pay the bills
We kept it real ever since we was knee-high wearin each other Levi's
Momma bought me the Chucks, daddy bought you the Filas
We high, tryina make it through years of troubled weather
Know you down for whatever, we got together, made the cheddar
Never figured that our dreams'd be severed
Now I'm waitin hopin things'll be better, communicatin through letters
Pray to God when you losin hope
I'll come to see you, find a way to sneak you in some smoke
Until they free you send you cash, so you never broke
Put away yo jewelry, save yo money and yo leather coat
Take care of the folks and on the block I keep it hot for ya
Just come back home and see what baby brother got for ya
You know it's on

(When you come home)
We gon' kick it like the player you are
Sip barre like a star in a foreign car
(When you come home)
We gon' do it like some real O.G.'s
Blow trees in the breeze with some Hennessy
(When you come home)
We gon' figure what to do with the money
That I'm savin, know you're cravin for some honeys
(When you come home)
We gon' sit and watch the paper just stack
And let the whole world know you ain't go ever go back

I got the news that you just received 36 months
But when you go out we gon' need 36 blunts
Pull 36 stunts, doin it like G's
Reminisce 'bout the shows and the hoes on they knees
Please Lord, look out for my homie on lock
Keep it up in your mind he was only on the block
For us, he got my back, so you know I'm right behind him
When he get out I'm gon' remind him
Finally made it sellin CD's, illegal life gone
No more hustlin, you can leave that shit alone
Can't wait till you get home, from dusk to dawn it's on
Sportin a mobile phone, sportin your own zones
Hillfiger gear with new Jays on your feet
Celebratin like kings when you back up on the streets
Countin the weeks, still we gon' be countin the stacks
You got love where you from, fuck where you at


( *phone conversation* )

Dedicated to those in the pen, some of my closest friends
And I'm hopin that my kite don't get blown in the wind
10 days or 10 whole years, it don't matter
Cause when you get out you got the world on a platter
Never mind the BS, forget the PO's
Don't you worry 'bout them hoes, just tapes and shows
CD's and limos, drinkin a gallon of Hen
Can't wait to see my dogs again
Cause when you come home