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Artist: DJ Crazy Toones f/ W.C. and the Maad Circle
Album:  CT Experience Mixtape
Song:   The Arraignment
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(*Helicopter Propeller Turning Sound*)

Following is the DJ Reflex and DJ Skee presentation
These are the plain tips, A.K.A. Bitch Ass Motherfuckers
All y'all some Punks -----> Crazy Toones
They say that DJ Crazy Toones; has been making repetitive threats
Of coming back to reclaim the Underground World of Mixtapes
You're lying  ------------> Crazy Toones
Their Plea, DJ Crazy Toones is hell of connected, with the West Side
He is known for Not Giving a Fuck!
Fuck You up! and the Source nigga, so that's the sound  ----> Crazy Toones
This is defendant of Lamar Calhoun, A.K.A DJ Crazy Toones
Fuck! aiy motherfucker, don't be saying my real name ----> Crazy Toones
He also having a history starting shit with Rappers crews and DJs
And any motherfucker who ever thought about getting in this Rap Shit
Yeah, quotes from Toones

[DJ Crazy Toones]
Aiy motherfucker, don't be saying my real name nigga
I don't give a Fuck! nigga
Don't say my real name nigga

Just settle it down loc
Stop fucking around and get crazy-up in this bioootch

[DJ Crazy Toones]
Aiy slow this motherfucker down


[DJ Crazy Toones]
Right up here

Right here?

[DJ Crazy Toones]
Yeah nigga, the Guitar Center
They having a DJ motherfucking Convention right here
Aiy aiy aiy nigga, what's up nigga? (*Multiple Gun Shots*)
Some happy motherfuckers man, Fuck all you punk ass DJs
I know them whack motherfuckers man (*Multiple Gun Shots*)
Awwww motherfucker, DJ Crazy Toones
South Central, Los Angeles finest, Punk!