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Artist: DJ Clue f/ Fabolous, Kanye West
Album:  The Professional 3
Song:   Like This
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[Kanye West]
Yeah a-yo Fab
I can tell they ain't used to this
I can tell they ain't
I can tell they ain't
I can tell they ain't used to this
I can tell they ain't used to this

With ya boy the Louie Vuitton Don
A.K.A. Marty Mint Fly
And I'm on my fly shit
Straight from the Chi bitch

I can tell they ain't
I can tell they ain't they used to this

[Chorus: Fabolous]
You keep askin' questions
Dumb ass suggestions
Must ain't never lived like this
Why the funny faces
Nah the funny taste
You just ain't never drink like this
You can't even lie
You probably got high
But you ain't never smoked like this
I see shoppin' bags
Might pop some tags
But you was never fly like this

I'm a let your wife peep game 
Get used to this shit
Introduce her to shit
Like Life meet Lane
Lane meet Life
Y'all two get acquainted
Its so cool bein' my new chick ain't it?
Let me explain it
I don't make up shit
I just Lorraine it maybe Jacob shit
Make a 36D from a A cup bitch
Sleep with me you might wake up with (With what?)
A set of keys to a pad and a Jag
Fendi sprees Paddington bags
Cockiness to add in your swag
Take a look at what you had and then gag
Like eww
Anybody know a girl that don't like heels? (Do you?)
That's like askin' is the nose on Mike real (Is it?)
Hell naw
Well ma
I'm here to catch you
They say men are dogs you know what I'm here to fetch you


[Kanye West]
Uh Roc-A-Fella
Black people usin' black cars isn't it ironic?
Smokin' weed on the yacht isn't it the chronic?
Plus the hoes good
Its feelin' like Rosewood
That black baller bullshit, we on it
Cops will pull you over like isn't there a problem?
No sir,
But I realize the windows so blur
That you might've mistaked a nigga for a chauffeur
Ya might mistake that backseat for a sofur (sofa)
Now the dreads said to rap on everything
Cause he know that I snap on everything
Listen, when my flow commissions
It caused the commissioner to throw a cap on everything
My accountant said
If I get the crib on the side of the mountain
Right beside the fountain
And decide on the Phantom
I'll go broker than Hammer
Performin' in pajamas
Damn it


My flow got teeth marks in it and I know who the biters is

[Kanye West]
Can't blame them but whoever they writers is

Matter fact whoever the dick riders is

[Kanye West]
Get your own style don't Winona Ryder his

Ferrari Fab or you could say Spyder Spizz

[Kanye West]
SLR pullin' up on the side of his

Shorties success ain't even near the height of his
This dudes paper thinner than Easy Wider is

[Kanye West]
I made me laugh yo
But if you do the math though

I've been gettin money since Kojak had an Afro

[Kanye West]
I've been fresh since
Will Smith was a Fresh Prince

Had hoes when Kermit was a tadpole

[Kanye West]
So of course the officers wanna off us

Came off the corner to up in the corner office

[Kanye West]
I thought it was livin'

They call it ballin'

[Kanye West]
It been like this

Where the hell all of y'all been?


[Kanye West - x2]
I can tell they ain't used to this
I can tell they ain't
I can tell they ain't
I can tell they ain't used to this