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Artist: DJ Clue f/ Nas
Album:  The Professional
Song:   Queensfinest
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Slick Rick James ill nigga
Get brains with the fuckin Hilfiger nah
Shit changed I gotta rock somethin' flier
MacGyver get outta shit smooth like that, gettin higher
In these kicks, prince sneakas, jogs is loose
robbin truce, while my revolver shoots
Chinky eyed, devilish grin
Purple range rovers, wakin up with hangovers
God damn I need my brain sober
So I jump up in the ride and slide
Me and my nigga Jung, Clue just called he got the purple 5
Damn niggaz is live, Queensed out
Got to put the Carhartt jeans on
I'm fiend out, til this light green Cali weed
Hennessy 'dro, used to only cop dub saks but now I cop a O
Six double O, I trick a couple hoes
Get 'em in my car, dirty shitted on my fuckin floor
Clean that shit up yo, throw it outside
Took about four hundred G's to cop the bulletproof ride
Bentley Azure, yo we on the world tour
We got a show on, the top of the coliseum, open doors
Let them Rockaway niggaz in
Queensbridge startin' shit, chill, calm it down, we got to blend it in
School of hard knocks shirts, choppin' quarts
From the Hurst, yo corona play the sideline, yea it works
Yo when we put it all in the same fam, yo round up the queen's click
Check out the game plan

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Queens niggaz rock ice and smoke hyrdo
We keep heat for the beef, it never hide yo
Young niggaz gettin cash and cop pies yo
Queens bitches stepped it up with thick thighs yo

Columbian brown skin, Queensed out from public housin
Comes the one known as the God's Son child, rappers is bowin
Look at 'em, they roll me red carpets
Praisin me as one of the dead prophets
When I talk these niggaz heads bobbin
Straight out of Queens with TNT, they did their first drug sting
With 1-800-CopShot, thinkin it was first scene
With D.A. and cop killings laws was made
10 G's to a witness, who've seen a cop get sprayed
What's on the AGQ club or club Mercedes
Sunrise, movie theaters to chill with our ladies
Load up the 80's cause cop killin Queens is crazy
40 to Baisley, Q-Gardens to Woodhaven
To AQ, the brew, the borough that Gotti was made in
Whips on the Van Wyke, Queens day or Shea Stadium
Anything that's transported to New York
got a come through the gates of either 2 airports
Kennedy and LaGuardia, we come through to body you
Bloodhounds follow you; wolves will get on top of you
Push twin Camaros, paper here to Somalia
Blaze off double barrels, shells follow you