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Artist: (Dilated Peoples f/) Defari
Album:  Directors of Photography
Song:   Defari Interlude
Typed by: (w/ help form liner notes)

Yeah, it's no change
Unless you count these hundreds in my pockets, it's change
Still Dilated, still Herut, still West really

Filter all this noise like these Beats on my ear
I'm really froggish, every year is leap year
Freshly cut to death, every week I'm off that chair
Taco Tuesday find your boy at The Savoy, savoir-faire
In Inglewood I'm really good, in Venice I get plenty bud
These niggaz think they really good, reality they really none
They really like my little sons, they really like some little bums
They not even a factor in this burn, they really get no run!
Ruby drop a ton of rhymes, a ton of beats I'm known to eat
I gotta eat like Megatron on Monday night against the Chiefs
I gotta bring my A game, my main frame 200 pounds
I'd rather dump 200 rounds and watch you FUCKS run out of town!
This L.A. City all Southern section, true confessions
You bad-ass little kids, you could all learn a lesson
I'm not stressin, and I SURELY ain't hidin behind no textin
Here I stand, just a man in all of his imperfections (yeah)