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Artist: Dice Raw
Album:  Reclaiming the Dead
Song:   Raw Sex
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Baby I gotcha now when you'll stay with me
Two drinks in one, this hypnotized ya baby, yeah
Fat ass and thick thighs, work that (???) baby
Got me on lockdown, you're all mine and baby you'll stay with me

[Verse 1]
At first I tried not to like the bitch, but after three drinks I fell in love
"Is it room in your life for a scrub?"
I asked, she laughed it up, grabbed my hands and put 'em on her ass
Led me out the club, then said she wanted this to last
Forever, I laughed, I was like "Yo, that's whatever"
An angel appeared, she was like "Dice, you better
Not let that one slip", heard another voice sayin' "Fuck that shit
And all the nonsense that comes with relationships"
But if you saw the fate I was facin'
It was a beautiful queen of the highest regard
A sparklin', gleamin' jewel in the eye of God
But was now in the eye of me
I gave my heart to her in its entirety
We lay in bed crackin' the fuck up, thinkin' about the irony
Of how we almost didn't meet, my heart skips a beat
'Cause without her, I don't think life would be complete, aiyyo


[Verse 2]
In the beginning it was more than fresh
Fuckin' in the a.m., kissin' with morning breath
If I can't have her I'll die, life without her's death
Our whole vibe is like Romeo and Juliet
Or Cleopatra and Anthony, I look at her, hear a symphony
A hundred strings, tellin' my dogs it was meant to be
No more chasin' groupies, well at least not for me
All my niggas like "Damn, whassup with D-I-C-E?
That ain't no pimp shit", but it was like out of nowhere
Everything switched from me just wantin' to hear
To lookin' into her mind, into her eyes, but I can't lie
Y'all know me, I still was scopin' them thighs
Aiyyo she can't sing, tell a joke, hold a note
Dance, be on the soaps, but she's still a showstopper
Make me wanna quit this game and be a doctor
It's true what they say about love, it's for suckas, yo