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Artist: Dice Raw f/ Jill Scott
Album:  Reclaiming the Dead
Song:   If I Only Had Words
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"If I only had words"

If I was gonna tell somebody
I wanna make it clear that they see
Ain't no room for hidin'
I want it to be you that would know

[Verse One]
Yo, I gotta give a shout out to my mom
Yo, Miss Pam you the bomb
You all that miss lady
Yeah, look at your baby
I'm all grown
Representin' my home
In a zone
I'm proof
That the ghetto has more than crack
Man, I'm a black
American dream
And I work off pure, self esteem
Just a lump of coal
Pressure and time
Changed to a diamond
Out shinin', out rhymin', out climbin'
And once I hit the mountain
Spit like your main squeeze poutin'
Fall like the Vatican can stop me
Point the finger if you want
But I don't know who you got
I rose to the top
Fresh out a bottomless pit
And clawed my way
Churned, crawled, balled and spit
And every brother is the same as Dice
Cause we all from the streets
We all have the same lighting
Yo, the hoods bug
It's time to make things right
From north Philly to north Memphis
To Cabrini Green 
To all the wards
East L.A., y'all know what I mean
We from the same place as MJ 
And Martin Luther
Hip hop
Changed corner boys to producers
And if you look at it like that
It don't seem that bad at all
You wanna know how to make it?
Just ask the Raw
No matter fact, the truth is dawg
Yo, you ain't gotta ask at all


[Verse Two]
So I can describe my frustrations
Or describe my love
Or describe the feeling, of looking up at a judge
Or describe the girls playin' double dutch
When we play kick ball
Or play catch a girl, get a girl
I know y'all remember that y'all
The hood that I love is the one without drive bys
Aye yo, the one we all love seen through a child's eyes
I watch Happy Days, everyone was happy with glee
That's when you think,
"Why wasn't it like that for me?"
But it's all good
Because inside me is all hood
Now when I ride 
Inside all leather and wood
Yo, make something out myself?
Didn't know that I could
Cause livin' with poverty
Used to really bother me
Deep down inside
My tears never dried
Anger kept me grounded
I never used my wings to fly
But I ain't tell you how I felt about the hood
So y'all can hate it
I told you this so you can love it
And embrace it

[Chorus] - x2