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Artist: Dice Raw
Album:  Reclaiming the Dead
Song:   5 Stages of Death
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There are five stages that one journeys through
on the passage to the darkside.
each stage more tormenting than the last.
And it all begins with...

[Verse 1]
The first stage, denial, that of course is when people deny
And lie to themselves like they ain't 'bout to die
This shit get buckwild, I even seen people smile
And joke-crack, not knowin' it's all 'bout to go black
Niggas be like "Fuck that, man I can take it"
Sixteen to your back?  You ain't gon' make it
You 'bout to die, and you the only one that don't know
And here comes the ambulance ridin' all slow

     "There you go.  You'll be aight.  Hear me?  You'll be aight.
     Real niggas don't die!  Real niggas don't fuckin' die!"

[Verse 2]
Next is anger, you start cursin' everybody out
Even the paramedics too, 'cause now there's doubt
In the back of your head, you think "Oh shit
What if this is really it?" and start to bitch
Fear, which brings us to number three on the list
You seen your own blood, now you scared as shit
In the background, you can hear the cops talk
Sayin' "That's a damn shame why they're warmin' up the chalk"

     "Dispatch, we got a 416, scuzzbucket with 14-17 holes in him.
     Doesn't look good.  Think we're gonna need a bodybag." (zzzzzzzzzzzzzip)

[Verse 3]
Now here comes your girl, she wants to know why you can't get up
The firemen grab her and tell her that you been hit up
She drops down to her knees and screams out "Why?"
Now it's all dawnin' on you that (I think I'm 'bout to die)
Four's remorse, got you feelin' sorry for the shit you did
Now you realize what goes around comes back, kid
Like when you shot up the block and hit three little kids
You live by it, then you die by it, can you dig
Yeah, thought your mama told ya
But now I see you on the streets, you a thug, yeah you's a soldier
Five's acceptance, when you take the acceptance
Into your mind that your life is over