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Artist: Dice Raw
Album:  The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation
Song:   What About Dice
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[Dice Raw]
Yeah, it's been a long time, long time coming
The reckoning, you know... what's right
Make things that was wrong, go the right way
From here on out, it's all business, all pleasure
Yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah
Uh, keep it going, that's right
Don't stop the beat, let's go, yeah

Aiyyo, I've been making records for a long time
It's been giving me a real hard time
People saying, I don't wanna hear Dice Raw rhyme
But I don't listen, I'ma keep spitting till it's all mine
I can't be broken down, I've got a strong mind
The world's tallest mountain is what I'm gon' climb
Nobody see it but me, I guess they all blind
Anyone with half a brain could see it's Raw's time
Raw's time, Raw's time {*laughs*}

Yeah, I feel like I was locked in a dungeon
Fed scraps, writing raps, stomach was rumbling
But upstairs, I could smell something in the oven
My enemies talk, they say we got him where we want him
Till I break out of the cage, and then they start running
Haul-assing, and then I take aim, start blasting
I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips
My music playing in the back, "100 Remix"
See this is only the beginning
Grand Slam, home run, in the first inning
I can't think of anything better than winning
when I lost so much already and I still wake up grinning
Eating shit, but I can't keep pretending
that I shouldn't be descending from the sky
like a 7-4-7 Jumbo Jet, cause I'm fly
Yeah, I'm fly, yeah, I'm fly
I think you know

Yeah nigga, I'm fly
And I think it's bout goddamn time, you know why?
Why would somebody postpone their own greatness
postpone happiness and entertain hatred?
The same reason people stay hooked up to the Matrix
The same reason blacks stay locked up to that slave shit
or the Scottish locked up to the English
You need a +Braveheart+ to come out of this distinguished
There's a fire inside that you can't extinguish
My brother Black, my brother John speak the same language
We came from the same place with the same anguish
We royalty that's been exiled and banished
Returning home with both feet planted
then offer the game a piece, goddamn it
Just to say the least, I know you can't stand it
I do some real damage, I feel famished