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Artist: Dice Raw
Album:  The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation
Song:   Never
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[Chorus: 2X]
I'm never gon' quit, I'm never gon' stop
I'm never gon' give up until I'm on top
And when I'm on top, yeah I'ma bring it back
And I'ma show you how, you know what I'm about

[Dice Raw]
Yo, I got rhymes for eons
If I make it rain, you'll feel like you've been peed on
Y'all ain't shit, y'all ain't on the level that we on
"The Simplicity of Ghetto Noise" is my theme song
I've got 'em diving head-first into the Chesapeake
You bumped your head, you think you saw the last of me?
Well that's blasphemy
Yo, it's the Money Making Jam Boys bout to cause a rap-tastrophy
A bunch of corn balls jumping up and down
on the bandwagon exhausting its capacity
Man, y'all dudes really look embarrassing
My couplets are in love, every line's marrying
Over to the next line it's carrying
Smoke it like a blunt filled with diesel, I'm cherishing
all body that's been dowsed in kerosene
I got money but a nigga still ghetto dreaming

[Chorus: 2X]

[Dice Raw]
Yo, when I'm thinking my brain's like a silent alarm
When you flip out, that's when I'm staying quiet and calm
My reaction's to only do you bodily harm
Yo, that's cold where my heart used to be, be warned
Don't get close, cause when you get close you'll scar
So I stay solo like the horn on a unicorn
Slit my throat before I wear a uniform
I'm on dope, dog food and Dom Perignon
My girl's closet, the House of Dereon
One look at me, you can see I'm very on
I look at you, can't believe the way you carry on
Man, that shit get you carried off stage
Talking bout me, get you buried by a gauge
Flipping through my money like I'm flipping through the page
of the latest GQ, I'm bout to breeze through
Top down, what's good nigga?!

[Chorus: 2X]

[Dice Raw]
You know what I'm about
You know what I'm about