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Artist: Dice Raw
Album:  The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation
Song:   Baby Come Home
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[Dice Raw]
Uh, yeah

I had a girl from New York, moved to the bottom
She tired of living in the South
Said she wanna come back to the East, back to the streets
That's what she dreaming about
When I picked up the phone I knew something was wrong
Always knew she'd run back to my arms
So I ain't gon' make it hard for her, I made a song for her
It's called 'Baby Come Home', 'Baby Come Home'

[Dice Raw]
My nigga Com' +Used to Love H.E.R.+, Cube said he couldn't fuck her
Truth is we all loved her
So if you get close to that chick then wear a rubber
cause she still got lil' homies going out like suckers
These are my metaphors now for how the game is
That's fucked up, but time for some new changes
And I ain't necessarily tryna say to how it used to be
cause there was bullshit around then truthfully
Now Hip Hop is a race to see who can be
the realest goon, A.K.A. the biggest coon
Hip Hop, I'm still in love with ya boo
I just feel like I found out you fucked the whole crew


[Dice Raw]
Cause hey girl, I know the drama that you've been through
and all the crazy places you've been to
and all the wild niggas that pimped you
Yeah I know I've got a little pimp inside me too
But just cause I'm from the underground
what, I ain't supposed to have dreams too and drive a Benze too?
I know that's just some materialistic shit
and I shouldn't let it fuck with our relationship
And I should be more on some patient shit
But truthfully I feel like I can't wait for this
Aiyyo, your fuck game's the best I ever had
You know you always made my other girls mad
that I would give you so much attention
They'd always be tripping, always be riffing
Cause everything's given at Christmas time
With you is where I spent both of mine


[Dice Raw]
It's been a while since anybody up top seen her
I wonder if we still recognise her now when we see her
She said she don't like the way them niggas act down South
but she don't like the way we act up North either
Started dating white guys and crossed over
cause once you go rap, you don't come back, it's all over
She said we started popping bottles, couldn't stay sober
and too many chicks started popping up with strollers
Girl I can't say that what you're saying ain't true
but I get the chance to love ya, this is what I'll do
I'll keep it 100, always and forever
Make every snare crack, make every line clever
Perform wherever Hip Hop's needed
and not just for money, just do it however
I can promise that we'll always be together
even if I start acting or become a trash man