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Artist: Dice Raw
Album:  The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation
Song:   1995
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[Chorus 2X: Dice Raw]
1995, was a wonderful time to be alive

[Dice Raw]
I reminisce about back in the day
maybe a little too much, you know what they say
bout living in the past, that's where you stay
Thinking bout first time stepping on stage
Kicked my little raps back when I was so brave
Walking through the crowd, nowadays it feels strange
Walking off stage, they don't recognise my face
After the show standing in front of the place
They come up to me, they say what's your name?
You working on something? Coming out with anything?
I always say yeah, but I don't really know
though I spend every waking hour in the studio
coming up with songs, they ask me, what's wrong?
Shit sound hot, I tell 'em Hip Hop
I think about all the greats that came and died
Still stuck in the year...

[Chorus 2X]

[uncredited female]
1995 {*4X*}

[Dice Raw]
I used to hop the train listening to Wu-Tang
Lighting Ls in the stairwell with the butane
I'm so different now, I guess things do change
My old friends see me, they be like, you strange
Even my mother has a problem with how I do thangs
Playing too many games with all my new flames
But I can't stick around when it gets too plain
Naw baby, just gotta go
I remember Brandy, "The Boy is Mine"
and I remember Monica at the same time
Yeah I remember rocking at St. Andrews Hall
Different place every night, yeah I used to have a ball
It was just something bout 1995
Close friends that died back then was still alive
It was just a vibe, Source, the Vibe
Even Rap Pages seems so outdated

[Chorus 2X]

[Dice Raw] + (uncredited female)
(1995) 1995
(1995) was a wonderful time to be alive
(1995) 1995
(1995) was a wonderful time, won-won-wonderful time to be alive
(1995) alive
(1995) was a wonderful time, won-won-wonderful time to be alive
(1995) alive
(1995) 1995