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Artist: Dice Raw
Album:  The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation
Song:   100
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For the last hundred days, I did a hundred shows
The next hundred days, pray to do hundred mo'
Unbutton a hundred bras, break a hundred laws
I'ma keep it 100, 100 for y'all
I'ma keep it 100, 100 for y'all
I'ma keep it 100, 100 for y'all

[Dice Raw]
Yeah, blood on my plate, glass of Malbec
Wake the living dead with my soundcheck
I'm fresh blood that's dripping down a hound's neck
Howling at the moon, I'm in tune with a sound set
You niggas thinking like Jim Jones, "Ballin'"
I'm thinking like communist Russia, Stalin
I like my money up front, that's all in
Silly fools behind my back talking
A hundred guns behind 'em and and bout to start sparking
Keep it 100 for my dogs still barking
Let me hear a "roof" if you wanna hear the truth
Letting off a hundred rounds at a hundred sleuths
I'ma show you the real meaning of rocking shit
After I'm done, leave in a rocket ship
with a hundred bad chicks with me to gossip with
about your bum ass, you fucking dumb ass


[Dice Raw]
Yeah, you're like a half-off coupon
Me, I'm like a fresh jar of Grey Poupon
Give me the mic quick, I need something to poop on
Pull up in your driveway, see me getting my hoop on
Fix your face before I fix it for you
Although it's just some bullshit and I should ignore you
But you're so annoying I can't help but thinking bout destroying
yo' ass fast in the classic way of B-boying
that I've mastered, you rotten bastards
After this, pictures of your face will be plastered
all over milk cartons, cause you got killed starting
some old stupid shit and got what you used to get
That's an ass-whipping, caught yo' ass slipping
Think you nice as Dice, now your ass tripping
Acting like you just drank your first beer
2010 is bout to be my best year
'09 shit was fine, '08 shit was great
'07 shit was heaven, '06 six was still straight
Pick any date, from here to 1993
I guarantee, that you never did it like me
My freestyles, all legendary
My placid-liary bombs like militaries
State your words very clearly or shit can get hairy
and won't come back for a hundred Februaries