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Artist: Dice
Album:  Black Monday
Song:   Cocaine
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[Dice talking like Scarface]
You know what I'm saying Manny
Were going to do this, Manny
We got all type of money around here
I'm not going to lie to you Manny
This is what it's all about Manny
The girl right there
This girl is what it's all about Manny
Follow me Manny
Get the money Manny

[Verse One]
I've been around the world and back
So many times I've lost track
Loved by the drug lords in Africa and Iraq
Born and raised in Colombia
I traveled the seas
Most wanted by these Cuban's, cause I'm making them G's
Created by leaves
Guys with ghats protect me from thieves
See they put me to the test, cut me up with some mess
I was too powerful, but now I'm straight for the U.S
The Don Madelyn was a warrior
He shipped me on a boat to Florida
There I was met by some chick named Gloria
Who afforded me, took me to some cats that rewarded me
With the razor, they chopped me up and then they snorted me
Then they shipped me off to Atlanta
On an airplane with Manny and Tony Montana
Overheard them say some rich folks are lovin it
But they don't know I'm controlled by the government
I travel in a suitcase, and keep cool as a fridge
I've been through the white house
Plus across the Brooklyn bridge

I've traveled the world and the seven seas
Cocaine business controls America!
Cocaine business controls America!
Cocaine business controls America!
Cocaine business controls!

[Verse Two]
I'm in 52 states at the same time, I warned ya
Arrived in California, at 6:15
By 8:15 I was into people's blood stream
They kept knocking at the door exchanging me for cream
These people chopped me
In Detroit they cooked me up and rocked me
I'm at a party getting smoked
By some Russians that play hockey
I destroyed the life of Roy Tarpley
So no more NBA, I almost had Cool J
And further more I was put here to destroy the poor
I even have them strung out, and start an all out war
See jealous niggas bring the ruckus
They snitch and give cops tips
The bustas, they found the cake of me
In the spare tire of a g-rides Cutlass
And now he up state, I roll with these thug niggas
Cause thug niggas push weight, and that's great
If you run out, re-up and you straight
A Chaldean found dead in his black mark 8


[Verse Three]
The world is mine, no competition
Been through the nose of these rich white folks
Lawyers and politicians, I'm hazardous to your condition
I got prostitutes turning tricks for me, in all positions
I made all you niggas famous, give me my props
Smoke is in and out of pawnshops
But in my game you locked up, or put in a pine box
I'm far from racist, been in plenty car chases
Don't have to call, so these drug dealers won't catch cases
I'm the boss, they should crown me the king of weight loss
My alias is white horse, bust it
They put me in a crack pipe and stuff it
CP brown, I mess around
And have more base hits then Kirby Puckett
I have the whole world in rehab
From Black, White, to Arab
I'll have your body so numb
You couldn't feel a Holyfield jab
Careless whispers, I'm ill as hurricane or twisters
Ask Richard Pryor, or the Pointer Sisters

[Chorus 2X]