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Artist: Diamond Shell f/ Kid Capri
Album:  The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell
Song:   Make 'Em Say Huh *
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* every "Huh" sounds like "Uhh" to me

[Kid Capri]
Yup yup yup yup
That's it, that's it, right there
Word, I like the way that's goin down
Aw man Diamond Shell I like the way this is goin
WORRRRRRRRRRRRRRD, this the Kid Capri yaknahmsayin?
And what we about to do right here
is get real funky on the downbeat
Yaknahmsayin?  My man Diamond Shell got it goin on
Diamond J got it goin on, yaknahmsayin?
And we come to this one to make you say huh
So give it up aight?  C'mon!

[Diamond Shell]
Check it
The rhymes that I write they're always heaven-sent
And if rhymes was physicals hey yo 
then mines would be 100 percent
Excellent, wreck shop like a battleshop
Top girls flock by the way that I rock
Shelly D, Shell for perfect on the microphone
I grab a rhyme, pick up the mic
Ham up and drive it home (HUH)
Rappers sweat the way I work a mic from here to there
You wanna flirt with the rap expert?  C'mere jerk
and catch a mouth full of medicine
Cause at rappin ain't no rapper better than
Diamond Shell (SHELL) the brother with the rhymes galore
(GALORE) I'm like (??) all that and so much more
(SO MUCH MORE) Like Elvis, the Shell I shake rattles n roll
(HUH) I've been shakin my rattle since I been one years old
(C'MON) Like Bruce I'm down, my skin is brown
Look out, it's Shelly D the baddest of all pronoun
So drown clown, I wear the crown don't frown
I might be slim but I'm the still the best pound for pound
(POUND FOR POUND) The way I bust brains when I rap blood rains
You'll feel the wrath when I strike with the mic staff
Shell swingin knuckles like a barroom brawl
One punch it takes to get your head flown, that all?
(AWWW HUH!) Yo faces get smackened, eyes get blackened
Ruffneck MC's look out, cause Shell's packin (HUH)
Come witcha gear, we can do this here
The only thing between me and you is thin air
As you stand and stare, your eyes filled with tear
your brain filled with fear, but you can't hide nowhere
Whatever your mission is stop and start listenin
Wreck shop on your moms and pops, the opposition this
climb like a climax, flip like an acrobat
Sharp as an axe I keep you stiff as (??)
Can you deal with it Gus?  Don't fight the fuss
Diamond Shell is takin heads like a bumrush (BUMRUSH), say

[Kid Capri]
Move to the side, say HUH
Everybody move to the side to say HUH
C'mon, slide to the side or say HUH
Everybody slide to the side or say HUH
Let me see you just sway to the side or say HUH
Everybody sway to the side or say HUH
and if not just step to the side or say HUH
Everybody step to the side or say HUH

[Diamond Shell]
Whatever made you think that you could deal with the
Diamond Shell supreme microphone wizard
I stick it to you like syrup, chew you like bubblegum
A group of words that describe me? (I'd say I'm umm umm)
Flawless, mistake free, the one to be envied
So make like Sam Cooke and yo, just send me
your best but make sure they're strapped and ready
Cause I'ma put their heads to bed
So send 'em over with teddies (Awwwwwwww-HUH!!!)
I'm fast like a sports car, sleek like a Porsche
Raps law maker, rhyme time's enforce (C'MON)
Yo, I got a badge and the number is one
I pop MC's in the microwave and they get done
When I grab the mic look out and be wary
And I can take more fronts than the tooth fairy
Put heads to bed quick fast like Mother Goose
Shell got gallons of juice, tell 'em

[Kid Capri]
Gonna make you say HUH, heh heh, huh!
Gonna make you say HUH.. UHHHH!
Gonna make you say HUH.. UHHHH!!
Gonna make you say HUH, UH-HUHHH

[Diamond Shell]
As I grab the mic and Shell starts to speak
My appearance floods the room with a certain mystique
Diamond Shell, large as the national deficit
When I wreck the mic I make a damn mess of it
Flippin, flippin I got the flippin style check it
I can flip a style just like a DJ flip a record it's
(FLIP IT KID) Shell, S to the H to the E
Down with the Lords of Funk, and my man Kid Capri
(HUH) My occuptation -- makin dancefloors smoke
If you talk trash or get smashed can get ya jaw broke
Yo, you know who's on your FM mode
Pumpin louder, and watch your box explode
I could never fall or timber, I hope you could remember
Diamond Shell's the man at hand, I was born in December
Always on the go, never movin slow
I make you dance inside your pants cause I'm a lyrical pro, so

[Kid Capri]
Gonna make you say HUH 
(Yo Kid Capri tell 'em one time what to say)
Gonna make you say HUH.. UHHhhHhhh, make you say it
Gonna make you say HUH.. huh UHHHH!!  C'MON!
Gonna make you say HUH, UH-HUHHH