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Artist: Diamond Shell
Album:  The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell
Song:   Cut School
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Diamond Shell]
Here I am bored, man, sittin in my math class
How much longer?  (Yo thirty minutes G)
Yo, let me get this bathroom pass
I raised my hand but the teacher expects it
and I didn't put it up there to get it neglected
And yo, I'm not goin out like that so 
I excused myself and interrupt the hoe
She hands me a pass and says, "Two minutes Shell"
(Wha-huh) Givin me a pass 
is like the ringin the dismissal bell
I'm out the door, and I step to the left
The noise in the lunchroom sounds crazy def
I step in, I see a new face so hey
I introduce myself, hello I'm Shell, "I'm Natae"
We talked for a while and when I was through
She slid me her digits, yeah that'll do
I stood up and got ready to leave the place
and bumped into my teacher, face to face
So to avoid bein dragged off back to class
I pumped my Reeboks and pimp game and just hauled ass
Dipped around the corner, down the staircase
Security grabbed me, man I ain't goin no place
Kids if you think that's funny or cool
The only thing it got me was suspended from school
So don't ya ever cut school
I'm tellin ya, don't ever cut school

Six A.M., my mom came down to shake me
"Shell, time for school!" Man, but no need to awake me
I play it off, I get up and dress myself
Grab my schoolbooks from off the bookshelf
I step out, and now I'm bored as could be
So what will I do?  Hang out with Capital T
I step around the corner, to the bus stop
Hey yo Cap!  "Yo Shell, what's happenin G?
Yo man I heard what happened, yo that's foul
But yo we can both hang together and get paid,
knowhatI'msayin?" Hmm yeah, I think I'm with that black
Cause we can both hit the spots, sling drugs and be fat
So we div up the stuff and step off to the spot that
crackheads and dopefiends just love to hang out at
Now after an hour of not even gettin paid
cop shows up, dump the drugs, "Freeze, drug raid!"
I dropped my stuff and stepped off to the left
with a cop on my heels (did you shake him?)
Man yeap, I dipped down some steps and into the sub
Whatever made me think that I could deal drugs?
The cop followed me down I tried to play it smooth
He spotted me - "Freeze!"  Time to move
I jumped down on the tracks, he couldn't follow me there
I crossed the tracks and up the other side, yeah
He let loose a buck, I ducked and he missed
I shot back a dead aim he's on the knockout list
I flee cause I'm free up the stairs and I'm mad
The cop snatched my gun and beat me down real bad
First he broke my nose and busted up my glasses
All of this happened to me cuz I'm too cool for classes?
Man, don't ever cut school
Kids I'm tellin ya, don't ever cut school

Down at the cop stop, I thought this can't be
My mom is on her way down and my bail is 30 G's (what?)
She's flippin and she's buggin cause my charge is red
Drug posession, plus shot one cop dead
I'm worried about what's gonna happen to me
I'm the all-time great rhyme maker Shelly D
Yo the judge dropped the hammer gave me life in the slammer
No more tours, no more radio shows magazines or glamour
The judge said, "Son, I don't mean no harm
but I hope your girl can find another date to the prom"
Prison future for now, is unclear and smoky
The only senior (??) will be taken to the pokey
If ya smoke cigarettes, I suggest you bring a stock up
Like Sly Stallone, you're the star of this lock up
My mom is upset, but not as half as me
cause I'm locked up in jail and she's on the streets free
Oh well, my bad, I shouldn'ta been so cool
Had to try to be bold and get suspended from school
So don't ya ever cut school..