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Artist: Diamond Shell
Album:  The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell
Song:   Church Bell Toll
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Diamond Shell]
I'm a rock 'em sock 'em trooper, a tough one they call Shell
I walk the streets of New York like I'm walkin through hell
Well, I'm on my block just to see what's up yo
I'm never alone my posse's with me though
Three blocks from the crib it was some action
It was a featured attraction, all the brothers was packed in
Music was loud, and of course it was hip-hop so
my boys said, this place is the next stop
We went inside and all the fellas was hawkin
All the girls was talkin, cause Shell just walked in
My boys broke up, cause no need for no violence
cause in this instance, peace is the preference
I asked a young lady to dance with a slight grin
Her body was def, pretty face to light skin
She said yes, so we stepped to the dancefloor
I hope there's a chance for exotic romance or
somethin quite the same like a one night stand
But once I asked her yo, up came her man so
he tapped me on the shoulder and I turned real slowly
Thinkin the whole time, this brother don't know me
I looked in his face, he was mad, but I didn't fret
He wanted someone to wreck, but this one he couldn't get
Up with his hands, but what'd he do that for
I hit him square in the jaw, and then he hit the floor
I shoulda thought about what I was doin then
Cause a bunch of his boys was schemin on doin me in
His boy to the door, they rolled in single file
Me and my crew yo we was doin it mob style
Once outside, things got kind of hectic
Some brothers surrounded us, it felt like a deathwish
A brother stepped up, and tried to play cool
within three feet of me that's when I pulled my tool
I told him step back, yo quicker than that black
He tried to rush me so I dusted his cap back
Others was comin up, damn what a pity
Gun smokes and gun shots made it just like Dodge City
One after another, suckers was droppin
but I kept on poppin cause they just wasn't stoppin
I finished with my clip, and reached for the next one
Finished with that one and then got the next one
The noise of gunshots faded from the area
There was no hysteria, that made it scarier
The only sound, was the voice of silence
and all the sights, were results of violence
And after the gunsmoke cleared from the scene
I gave a body count - the number was nineteen
There was no survivors, the less remorse
We counted our own heads, the posse's in full force
Ready to roll so we stepped like a staircase
One more look back just for my own sake
The sight ain't a pretty one, results of a rumble
But yo, that's how it goes in the jungle
So tonight around midnight when you're out for a stroll
Listen real careful for that church bell toll.. {*echoes*}