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Artist: Diamond Shell
Album:  The Grand Imperial Diamond Shell
Song:   Back Again
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Diamond Shell]
Back again, Shell the mellow fellow
Droppin bass like a cello, shakin like Jell-o
I wear and tear a sucka from here to there
Put my rhymes in 5th gear and yo, I'm outta here
You beat the Shell?  C'mon, picture that
Hey yo I never been beaten and hey, that is fact
At my house I got a six shooter loaded with rhymes
Waitin for the right second then I'm goin for mine
Put my hands on the handle, my finger's on the trigger
PULL IT {*BOOM*} and get smooth on a nigga
Yo, let's make this clear so you know
Diamond Shell be doin brothers just like a pro
Toe to toe we can go blow for blow, and yo
If rappin was the Last Dragon, I'd have to blow
Suckers step fast, be gone like the wind
Suckers run and hide, cause Shell's back again
Look who's back again

{*scratched 4X: "Back is the incredible" -> Chuck D*}

[Diamond Shell]
Now let's see, what do Shell mean to me?
It means covered, protected quite well, purely yo
I got the mic that starts damage doin
When it's time for rap awards, the Shell is just a shoe-in
You brag about this and that, blahzay blah
But do you wanna battle with Shell?  You better say, "Nah"
Yo, but that's alright cause you a backwards beaver
Diamond Shell ain't got the time to toy with you either
Come one come all, either big or they tall
But the bigger they are, the harder they fall
Could Shell be the wackest of rappin yo that's a never
If you think you that you could ever ever, ever
compete with the Shell at rappin you must be buggin
hard on the crack, in other words druggin
People give a cheer to the brother of the year
Paper thin MC's step back cause I tear or rip
Sendin you on a trip so get a grip or come equipped
Or yo get that ass flipped, look who's back again

{*scratched 4X: "Once again, back is the incredible" -> Chuck D*}

[Diamond Shell]
Shell be doin damage on your FM mode
So, pump up your radio and watch your box explode
I'm smooth as a pimp, boppin hard with a slant
Who?  Shell, got more juice than a power plant
As I step to those who try to ruin my rep then
I grip the neck with five fingers of death then
I do the job like hired help
And I'ma rip whole crews by myself and whoever else
Come in sit down, have a seat while I wreck this
My diseased rhymes and the crowd perfected
Sucker MC's they much as jack
Cause I'ma eat whole crews like a pancake stack
You wanna try me, well then, you must not know
The power I posess behind the mad freestyle flow
Swift I go, fast or slow, or maybe even baby yo
A hype medium tempo
A vandal, I graffiti papers with ink pens
Slap your rap so take off and stay strapped in
Yeah, I'm comin back like a bald man's hairline
Prepare yourself, get ready for war time
Look who's back again
Look who's back again

{*scratched to fade: "Back is the incredible" -> Chuck D*}