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Artist: The Dogg Pound f/ Dr. Dre, Prince Ital
Album:  Dogg Food
Song:   Respect
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Dr. Dre]
I know you're bobbin your head, cause I can see yah (repeat 4X)
You can't see me, hah
Back up in that ass once again
With some of Dat Nigga Daz shit
Beatin up on your ear drums with some of that G Funk
Some of that gangsta funk 
Some of that ghetto funk
Call it what you want, just don't forget the G 
Got the motherfuckin Dogg Pound in the house

[Verse One: Dogg Pound]
Now tell me what's poppin in your head my brother
What you wanna do end up dead motherfucker
I don't know why we got to kill each other 
Cause on the streets it's do or die motherfucker

Now as a child I was raised in the church 
Now what ever possessed me to do the shit that I do to put you in the dirt
I gives a fuck about a nigga on the street 
I'm runnin ninety-fo' and I done ran ninety-three, don't like no hurdle
For the murders I committed in my Omni Fo' convertable
And not a soul saw who did it
As I lean to the side in my Omni G-Ride
On a mission, fo' deep, Dogg Pound do or die

Now if you see me mobbin down the street what would you think (not)
Realizing that I'm surviving off instinct 
What makes my mind click to perfect timing 
For me to twist shit switchin bullshit the fuck up like The Shining
Cause I'm in my own zone, alone look down
You think you saw but death is all round like a ghost town
Perhaps you, know I axe you
Fool if I have to, can you comprehend or adapt to 

[Chorus: Prince Ital]
Respect to the Deathrow Inmates 
Deathrow Inmates lawd dem never hesitate
To bust a gun shot, in a i-diot face
Dis is Dogg Pound and your life goes to waste

Free Dogg Pound territory
Dat Nigga Daz put you inna di cemetery
Snoop Dogg, di criminal mentality
Fuck wit Dirty Kurupt and yuh dead each way

[Verse Two: Dogg Pound]
Now wit Dat Nigga Daz, everywhere I roll I'm set to blast 
The way to success is elevating too fast 
Every corner that I turn, there's money to burn 
With no concern count the amount there's more to be earned 
Set-Trip, the word I hear every nigga spit 
Sixty percent's trippin forty percent's bullshittin
Industy's shady, my safety's in jeapordy
Control the mind with mental telepathy nigga
Shady as fuck, Kurupt can see it in your eyes 
Anticipatin for the real to come from the disguise
The Pound, we roll thick like one-time
And I could fuck your bitch after I bust just one rhyme 
All we do is smoke weed and get blitzed
And kick that motherfuckin gangsta shit 
(Say what say what say what say what say what?)
Kick that motherfuckin gangsta shit 

Well I see myself on top, by the age of twenty-two
or will I drop, a fallen star that has been forgotten not
In the past, I mainly hustled for the cash 
Suprised to see that nigga rise up on that ass 
Anybody killa, do or die if I have to
On deck, twenty-four seven and blastin if I have to
I live my life I done swore to courtin trigger long
Who would stop the movement why I journied so far
From the danger that lurks, from the one that's out doin dirt
Step to modify this and vanish away from this Earth
Beyond the heartbreaks and heartaches, rest in peace
Riders died death is unexplainable when you die

[Outro: Prince Ital]
We don't got to stoop low 
We don't got to stoop low 
We don't got to stoop to your level 
But when they see we coming lawd
Now when they see we coming lawd
Now when they see we coming lawd they tremble
Cause we a rebel, terror from a well fractured gun
And you know we keep it real to make your life invisible 
So don't fuck, you betta be respectable 
The nine millimeter, is really dreadable
Wicked an wild yes you're wicked an wild
Prince Ital Joe yes you're well versatile 
Is it Dogg Pound yes you're well versatile
Dey form de picture of the gangsta styler
An wild yes you're wicked an wild, Dogg Pound
An wild yes you're wicked an wild
Is it Death Row yes you're well versatile
Yes, gangsta drop make the gangsta smile
De sexy girls dey love de Doggystyle
An wild, yes you're wicked an wild
An wild... hahaha.. eazy!
Dogg Pound, run tings, y'know, yeah
Cause we no respect no guys
Cause guys dick arder than shit 
We no take orders, we give orders
Respect to the crew
Nigga Daz mi breddern dirty Kurupt
EAZY! Yeah
West coast, everytime, everytime, big-up!
To the Death Row posse
Nuff respect
Just quote, de faggot come here wit de violence
Death Row are gon make you dead and silence
Well dem fraid to try, when afraid of no person an
No faggot come here actin like dis
Oh lawd, oh lawd, hahaha
Yes star Ital, you're large
Big up Daz an de crew
Snoop Dogg, big up, everytime
Dr. Dre an de massive