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Artist: Tha Dogg Pound f/ Snoop Dogg, RBX
Album:  Cali Iz Active
Song:   Don't Sweat It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Snoop Dogg]
Can somebody say the West coast?
Heheheh, it's time to get gangsta one time my nigga
Larenz, bring that shit in for me cuz
Yeah... you are now about to witness
The strength, of gangsta music, BEOTCH! {*echoes*}
Oh yeah, this is what we does cuz
So all you imitators, get back! Get back! {*echoes*}

Make room for the dope dealer, pimp and the gangsta
I'm a Dogg, baby girl that's my nature
Don't be a stranger, get your head knocked off
Just for bein scary on the contrary what I posess is necessary
From the scratch whip it up, baking soda, yola
It's real here homey and I come from the shoulder
I'm a Dogg Pound original, subliminal criminal
It goes me bein an individual, so invisible
And sensible, thinkin that your shit get thought up
Now you're in a world of heat, that's when you're caught up
Brought up around marks and busters
Ain't no G'ness, this is the reason why I kept it
Daz Dilli', mac milli' stay on deck
With a proper dose, got to connect - you know it's West coast
Home of the gun smoke, now you know
So get your vest homeboy cause we 'bout to blow

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg]
O.G. don't sweat it, on the real don't sweat it
I swear they gon' get it, I swear they gon' get it
I don't know why they said it, but they never shoulda said it
Shoot 'em in the face and leave they ass half-headed
Shells embedded, read it, red it
Lead it, wet it, get it...
Doctors can't save him from gettin it
D.P.G.C. nigga don't ever fo'get it

Fuck what they said and fuck what you heard
Dogg Pound Gangsta, nigga that's the word
Act like you know us, I know you do
Back, all in your face like BOO~!
The iller killer like Thrilla in Manilla
The D-Roc keep snow like caterpillar
Seems you better duck when the ooh heat rollin
"Anybody killa" mean everybody DEAD
Get that, for what it's worth
Big guns, big funds represent this turf (L.B.C.)
Some scream the West but don't rep it right
So when it's time to step they come steppin light
If they step at all, pow
Lead slide through they thinkin cap, they fall
What you was thinkin cap?
With all that gangsta fantasy in your stinkin rap


Nigga, Kurupt - Kurupt's beyond the stars
Ever since 17 when I was liftin cars
Came in this motherfucker just to see who you are
I'm sturdy as mountains, rhymes float like canoes
rivers and fountains, I'm high as eagles
Dogg Pound Gangstas livin life illegal
You want the 9, the K or the Eagle
Either one you choose, niggaz liftin out they shoes
Prayin mayne, it's a war to step in the door
Tentacles stretch across the wall and floor
I'm.. I'm.. I'm off that white arviendo{?}
I silence your homies and shatter your windows
Take a look at my secret window
Cause I got a secret your life depend on
Kurupt, Young Hannibal
My mind got me feelin like firin iron


Wa-oooh, wa-ooohooh-ooh-ooh
Wa-oooh, wa-ooohooh-ooh-ooh
Wa-oooh, wa-oohhooh-ooh-ooh
Wa-oooh, wa-oohhooh-ooh-ooh