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Artist: Doggy's Angels f/ L-Burna (Layzie Bone), Snoop Dogg
Album:  Pleezbalevit!
Song:   Pleezbalevit!
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[Snoop Dogg]
Ye-yeah (ye-yeah), uhh.. uhh
Ye-yeah (ye-yeah), uhh.. uhh
Yeah (West Coast), ye-yeah
Everybody get up!

[Verse One]
Keep it krunk and you bump at the club, what
Huh, it ain't no limitations on the bus (what)
Ask for spot, I'ma eat it up
and keep sweatin, ya ain't sayin nuttin (what)
Muhammad Ali, keep bustin, makin loot, fight money
You thought I wasn't, it's just like honey and it sound so free
but enough to make them haters get up off of they seat
I said "You buggin me," simple woman
come with the world's greatest hits
Watch this girl but don't get it twisted
Doin it, doin it 'til I'm filthy rich
Motherfuckers get rich to this

[Verse Two]
Uhh, we reach rolls, double-oh's, whole calvary's statinated
Niggaz look to get it acres of Bone, collaborated
+Top Gun+ throwin dubs, you bitches let's be for real
(how we mad shout with mad scarfs of the season is)
Squarin off like a prisoner, we hustle wit G'ism
Niggaz thought the medicated can relate to how we livin
We barks like Rotweilers, poppin Cris' and our collar
In the club pop hoes, got them niggaz scared to holla
Dogg House and Bone Thugs just way too big
Tracks flossed out, we floss out, ya under dig?

[Chorus: Snoop Dogg] *
Please believe it, please believe it
Please believe it, please believe it
Please believe it, please believe it

* last line only first time

[Verse Three]
Do you know I give it to ya cause thats how we (bang bang!)
Wit mo' thugs control a shotgun doin they (thug thang!)
Jump off they Don's when we threw out they new illest filth
When motherfuckers get excluded cause they ora's ain't free
(let me holla from six hoes thats tight wit fo' do's)
The lense roll the Dogg House (ya know know)
I camoflouge 'til I make ya knee wit' the apparel calvary (unchanged)
or callin me (rep the bo's)
While the left of the right, hoes regulate you tight
While my niggaz cop the G's and my bitches rock (icey E's)
Pace but unstoppable when all my homies got it (rep, y'know!)


Mo Thug and the Dogg House, and who wanna fuck or touch this powerhouse
Nigga go move yo' car, we'll strike you out, knock you outta the box
Nigga it's a mad world, wit a bad girl, like the Doggy's Angels resumé
Don't smash, nigga we out here gettin this cash
Don't trip on zero-zero-zero-zero
I'da seen too many people lackin not-a be stackin
Nigga we out here almost (?) rappin fools
Better tell this dude, tryna have a little fun
when the arobic bloom, nigga we here let's have it
and autopsy never been no new so make it paper chasin
Releave of this stress, wit the booty that we blessed
Never-the-less, when it's mobbin for real
Niggaz ain't even keep it real, they gon' keep it real
Tell you exactly how I feel, you know the drill
Get the G's please, and get them oversea's, blowin trees
Boom-a-watts(?) my Long Beach O.G.'s, Eazy-E - rest in peace
I'ma put it down, 'til the day I D-I-E!

[Snoop Dogg]
Hit you wit the shit that just make you wanna kill us slow
Keepin it gangsta so you-you know I always feel it though
Livin a life of a rapper and a C.E.O.
My life ain't change except the strange silly hoe
Bitches ain't shit and I mean it sincerely though
Come inside the house and you can hear me though
Realy though, you silly hoe
Here we go, here we go, here we, here we, go-go
C'mon everybody, y'all all get down
What we have, is a brand new sound (what, what?)
So nobody out there be misled
like I had a bitch in my bed and she could give me some head


[Snoop Dogg over Chorus]
Haha, y'know what?  Haha, y'know
Everybody get up!

Believe in me, you gotta believe in me
Everybody get up!
Gotta believe this song, might as well believe in me!
Big Snoop Dogg, Doggy's Angels, Layzie Bone
Battlecat on the track, ugh
Believe that!  Hello


[Snoop Dogg over Chorus]
Y'know.. say what?
Please believe it

And we out!  L.. B.. C
See ya!  Sideways 'til the next life
Can't leave without doin it