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Artist: Devin the Dude
Album:  To Tha X-Treme
Song:   What?
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Who? When? Why? 

[Verse One]
Walkin' with my gal, tryin' to talk, tryin' to laugh
Tryin' not to bring up all the bitches in the past
We crossed the grass
As we stroll everything goes, kinda smooth
I almost got in the mood
She conversate's about the tux and the cake
While I got a bunch of rocks chuckin' 'em at the ducks in the lake
"What? My mistake, I didn't hear. What you say?
Oh yeah, it is, a nice day."
And then a fine gal start walkin'
With a sway in her hips
And a lot of gloss on her lips
She started to trip and said, "Nigga where you been?
He look just like you and he damn near ten."
And my gal gave me an evil...kind of grin
And then she said, "Have you ever been in..
A girl like that?" Yo, I couldn't pretend
I tried to tell her the truth but I didn't know what to do

[Devin & Girlfriend talking]
(What was that all about? And who was that you was talkin' to?)
(Oh, now you gonna play dumb? That girl you were just talkin' to.)
(She came up on us from out the bushes. Fuck that hoe, I'm outta here.)

[Verse Two]
[Devin The Dude speaking in a narrator's voice]
On the way home, tryin' to cover his tracks

"C'mon sat baby why you second guessin' a nigga
Enough of that. Let's get it straight. You the only woman that I'm with
All them other hoes I used to have, they don't mean shit
Now we can talk about our future, forget about the past
Go on to somethin' new and throw away our old trash
And I know I fucked up
A time or two I did wrong and lied to you
But from now on what I'm gon' try to do
Is make you feel real good everyday that I can. (Oh yeah?)
Make you feel happy, just to say that I'm your man. (Okay.)
Now what's that in your hand? (The fuck is this?)
Naw, a phone number, naw, I don't remember no Cassandra [telephone ringing]
The area code? That's Atlanta
Uh uh, get the remote and change the channel
Who you fienda call? Girl that don't make no sense at all
Naw, I don't want it. Why you pass it to me?
Hello? Heeeeey

[Devin and the new girl on the telephone]
(I'm ready to fuck. I'm horny and I need some dick.)
(From you Devin. The Dude. Who else would I want some from?)
(As soon as you can baby. I'm over here waitin' on you. I need it.)
(Because your shit's so good.
 You make me cum every time you fuck me and I need that right now.)

[Verse Three]
Yeah, I fucked up so I figured that I'd take her
On a nice vacation, uh huh the island of Jamaica
With the wonder weather, exotic creatures and birds
Trees we've never seen a lot of creatures and herbs
So landed safely and we bailed off the plane
What the hell is that smell man?
Damn, something like a paper mill, oh well let the day begin
Escorted out the van I grabbed the hand of my lady friend
Goin' sight seein', I might be in luck
Seems that she forgot that I've been fuckin' up
We jumped out the van
Our toes hit the sand
My lady's lookin' so fine and people know I'm her man
I let go of her palm to find a tree so we can rest
She kept walkin', sayin' she'd be back in about an hour or less
Two hours later and with a muscle bound Jamaican
They woke me up talkin' 'bout "Your spot has been taken mon
Take your ass back to the states
This woman belongs to me now."