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Artist: Devin the Dude
Album:  To the X-Treme
Song:   Cooter Brown
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[Chorus - repeat 2X]
Our life used to be so wonderful
but ooo look at me now

[Devin the Dude]
Ya lookin at me strange
I got my weed I got my drank and other thangs
I been trying to adjust and focus
I want to quit drinkin this shit but, no luck
no bucks at the end of the night and I'm drunk
the crown royal Hennessy and Budweiser's no punk
nobody to save me with the proper technique
but I can't point the finger at nobody but me
but now I lose, I've been used, I've been lied on
I used to be private but now I feel I'm being spied on
it used to be so wonderful and so care free
but now the evilness tries to run up and scare me
and dare me to do somethin wrong somethin crazy somethin wild
was I thinkin or did I act into 2 people and smile
hidin bodies in the back of an ol' school 'llac
I forgot alot of shit but now I know for a fact that

[Chorus] - 2X

[Devin the Dude]
It used to be no wonders about who ain't feelin me
no spouse runnin through the house aimed at killin me
no love lost because emotions are deep
and no worries about where to go and no secrets to keep but
look at me now it seems that everybody know
where I been and even where I gotta go
and they'll try to help me out if it would benefit them but
if not they'll probably be like fuck him
but I can't get mad at em' I probably had em' by my side
maybe they think my promiseswas premeditated lies
and at a blink of an eye somehow I'm not trust-worthy
the purest heart you've ever known is now just dirty
I used to come through wit all kinds of bags of goodies
pocket full of change never have to ask for pussy
gettin the party started like lickity split
but now when I come through all they say is aww shit

[Chorus] - 2X

[Devin the Dude]
how can I win when situation seems kinda sticky
get relief without reachin for me a 40 oz
mickey or a pick me up would only lay me down flat
noddin off wakin up wonderin where I'm at
aw shit, damn where did everybody go
how did I end up on the floor I can't find my bill fold and
I got my keys and my car's been towed
I'm out walkin tryin to find the niggas lookin at me throwed ohh
always me break out the violins (get up and try again before you sin again)
what aww who is that I'm hearin shit
gatherin my thoughts is like tryin to build a pyramid
now I'm finally realizin it's all simple
It's how you take it like a pimple on ya face
you bust it you break it you scrape it off
and uh what you do is what you can do
it's what a man do anyway anyhow
I'm a cool brother

[Chorus] - 3X