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Artist: Devin the Dude
Album:  Waitin' to Inhale
Song:   Cutcha' Up
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I can't wait
I can't wait 'til you get old enough
I'm being patient
But I can't wait 'til you get old enough
So I can cutcha'
So I can cutcha' up

You look so young
But still look good
The way the sun is shining on you
And I would if I could
Try to take a little piece of you and break you off
But you're not quite ready
I got to hold steady
And try to control myself
Cause if I start on you now there'll be nothing left
I can't help it
I guess it's just the way you smell
You're growing up fast and quite well
You're looking kind of thirsty
Let me give you some water
But not too much
You know what? We oughtta
Just move
And get away from it all
Cause if people see us together
You know that they'll call the laws
And try to keep us apart
It's you and me from the start
You got the key to my heart
You taste sweet yet tart
When I hit it
But right now I can't get it
But when you come of age
We'll go our separate ways


Some folks think I ain't right
They try to label me
But I can't wait to lay you on the table see
When I'm in the mood I think of you
Wishing that I can hold you while I drink a brew
It's true a love like this never exists long
As soon as you get grown
I know you're gonna get gone
In the wind somewhere
But that's how life goes
But for now let's take picture together
uhh.. nice pose
I'm tired of hiding
I want everybody to see
How we get along so happily
You and me
Need to go somewhere where the penalty lessens
When they something like you in my possession
I could leave you alone
But I wouldn't feel right
And if they lock me up for it
We'll be still tight
I know you can't write
But I'll be back
To pull you by the hairs and lay you in the sack


Yeah... but you know I ain't going nowhere
I'll be right here you know
Shit, I like the way you make me feel
Ain't nuttin' wrong with spending a little time, energy
I gotta make sure that you're well nourished
Yeah... you 'bout ready
Let's get in the closet, I'm gonna turn the lights down
I'm gonna turn them off
And turn you upside down