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Artist: Devin the Dude
Album:  Just Tryin Ta Live
Song:   Just Tryin ta Live
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We need to change our ways
Doin the same thing we did yesterday
Making beats, getting high
Chasing freaks, feeling fine
Its just the same old shit
But I think we aint gone quit
Makin a rhyme, climbing the hill
Staying alive, just tryin ta live

[Verse One]
It's a constant struggle, but brothers gotta keep climbing
People be thinking this shit is simple and simon
Lookin at my wrist to see the position that I'm in
Kinda clothes I'm wearing, the type of car that I'm drivin
I been strivin
With damn near nothing to fight with
Flashlight, nightstick, aint no blowin up right quick
Type shit, I just write shit, hopin it might hit
So I can make a living, but there some who don't like it
But I.. I really don't give a motherfuck 
A nigga's tryin to get another buck
The legal way that people say what they want em 
But I'm gonna, smoking drinkin fuck with these freaks
Til I find one life with mona
On a mission 
Every day wishin and prayin
Cant be kidding and playing
Fast break missing the laying
So what you saying?

Man we need to make these beats, fuck these freaks, fire these sweets


[Verse Two]
Constantly asking me to change my ways
But the way I'm acting now is the way I'm acting since the first day
But the sumas to Vics (?) smoke blunts significant others man
Ya'll can't stop the jump up for pound with these brothers
It's a rough long climb up the hill to the top
Giving it all that we got 
As we proceed to wreck shop
And it's the same shit, Aint shit changed since 94'
You see the scorn left the scene
And paid the circle back to let you know
Gotta get my paper bro
If I cant Imma let it do
We coming back for mo, and kicking the hinges off your door.
(kickin the hinges off your door)
And life is so lunt slunt
Reality hits bluntly
Amongst all these issues we grind, cause the rents due monthly
But everything you do is certain consequences
I know there is more than this is a Piz and hes three dimensions
I'm just trying to hold it down and maintain my existence
Lets put something down right here and we can do it with persistence
I'm knowing its real cause I can feel it in the distance (talk to me)
Man listen
Its like old folks that get settle in their ways
And it pays for one to be wise these days
Not afraid
Smoke one is my typical habitual ritual 
That let this music and these words give you a visual
Come Now!


[Verse Three]
Now I'm just tryin to gain green
(I'm doing the same thing)
Them hoes don't wanna see me live
(They all wishing to change thing)
All doing some strange things
But leemee(?) Rico I know 
My baby mama keep them crooked police booking my dough
Looking for dough
(What you got?)
Nothing but beer, plus I got these fucking lyrics I wrote
You mean them niggaz fucking with you by flows
You make em count by zeros
(Aint they some hoes?)
Hell yeh!
I know, all up in a nigga shit
Fuckin with your women get, with it
Come on my nigga,  ya'll stay committed
Spit it
If you aint got a nigga get it
Flip it
Stay the same dog, never quit it
Dig it, Dig it