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Artist: Devin the Dude
Album:  Just Tryna Live
Song:   Go Somewhere
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Shit, what you mean I had enough? Kinda shit is this?

Verse One:
I ain't as think as you drunk I am
And I'ma still keep drinkin' and I wouldn't give a damn
Now, do any beer want another body?
I thought this was a motherfuckin' party?
Wine, 12 ounces and 40s
Y'all, let's put our ends together and call up
Why the hell you got your forehead balled up?
Boy you need to smile once in awhile it even uses less muscle
Mad at the world when all you gots to do is just hustle
But, for the time being
Pitch in the hat
Let's play Dominos, spades or somethin', where the bitches at?
We got the weed?
Fuck it
I be the square roller
Roll the bitch so big you swear I was a share holder
Cause you see, weed and wine
It ease my mind 
And if you ever feel like me sometimes
You gots to 
When you need a break
You gotta get away

And just go somewhere
Got to get the fuck away from here
You need to go somewhere
Get the fuck away from here

Verse Two:
I go out to the clubs
I try to fit in
The bouncer at the door think I gotta lie to get in
"You Devin"
"Who Devin?"
Man you know I be rhymin'
"You ain't no motherfuckin' rapper, where's you gold and your diamonds?"
I'm just chillin'
Me and my third leg is tryin' to kick it
Stick it in ya gal
Have her walkin' knock kneed and conflicted
Yeah, my dick is Jimminy Cricket but it do make room
I put it in her pussy, stir it like a Kool-Aid spoon
Until it's sour
About a half an hour, shower
Take a shit and wipe my ass with your favorite bath towel
Cause I was
Just tryin' to have a good time
But if you don't like my head and my shoes never mind
A lady sitin' on a stool see me and screams, "Yeah he rap!
He come here twice a week and rubs his nuts across my knee caps!"
But they still at the door goin' through club house rules
I'm havin' the odd ball blues
Fuck it, I guess me and my shoes will just...


Verse Three:
I had nothing planned today, fuck I guess I'll stay home
And get a whole day's rest and get my head in a zone
From out of nowhere
Another argument
You blamin' me, I'm blamin' you, don't know who started shit
We squabble, now the Law's at my door cause I touched my wife
But they didn't see her chasin' me with a butcher knife
So I slide out the back door calmly
Don't try to find me, cause ain't no tellin' where I'ma be
But, I ain't gonna let you get the best of me baby
I'm gonna go somewhere that's cool
Cause this is not the way my head's supposed to be baby
You got me feelin' like some silly fool