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Artist: Devin f/ Scarface
Album:  The Dude
Song:   Sticky Green
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[Scarface Intro]
We finna smoke like it ain't no tomorrow

I grab a Swisher Sweet and use my fingernail to cut it
Gut it, then I dump the droppin' out then stuff it full of coffee
And if you don't know by now coffee is killa
In other words weed a fat dime is a pillar
Now the buds on the stems are like trees in an orchid
Anybody in the room who don't smoke weed is gettin tortured
By the smoke niggaz choke niggaz cough and they fart
Need to quit it but they still tryin' to hit it too hard
It's the...

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Sticky green
Frosty leaves
Oh so sweet
I love to blow it      

It seems to be a 
Misunderstanding' about the cheeba
I see sign stating  "cannabis will lead ta"
But I need a
Big fat jilla to get me lit
I prefer to smoke the zigzags cause Phillys ain't shit
And I done laced it up with the Bombay
Anything with you can mix with the spinach I done tried
I done damn near died 
Till I realized straight dutches
If you see me blowin' out smoke you can bet it's the...


Man goin' on
I don't see nothin' wrong with a little reefer
You got the weed I got the drank nigga just tell me where to meet cha
I'm high you high let's try to get higher
Here use my lighter set the ass on fire
We blowin' like a choir everybody's in line
Hoping they can get they fingers on it one more time
Because there's nothing but a party over here that's how we do it
Live music, plenty bitches, cold beer and oh yeah some...