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Artist: Devin f/ K.B.
Album:  The Dude
Song:   Show Em'
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[Devin Talking (talking low)]
I know I shouldn't do this, but i can't help it
I'm a fiend, lotion and magazines is what I'm left with
I step without my pride to the toilet and lace my palm 
With honey and almond 
But suddenly the phone rings, and its Kb
Pussy just came through, some for him and some for me
Hell yeah, I'll be there to help you fuck 'em
Get 'em drunk, get 'em high pull they titties out and suck 'em

Don't rush 'em
We bout to fuck these hoes man no question
Just bring your ass on because they already buzzin
And lovin, my hospitality I put it down
I got a quarter pound of weed and a big thang of crown
Shit my dick hard now, just lookin at these bitches
With these big soft asses and these nice round titties
While you gigglin you best a hurry your ass the fuck
I'm bout one second away from cranking this fuck fest up

No need for rest haven these hoes
Lets, show 'em what they pussy made for
Lets me and you lay in these hoes
And, show 'em what they pussy made for
No need for us saving these hoes
Lets, show 'em what they pussy made for
Lets leave without payin these hoes
And show 'em what they pussy made for

Man, just let 'em know I'm coming in bout 25 minutes
And get they pussy ready cause I'm finna to dive in it
I hear 'em talkin loud in the background, hollin
Tell 'em don't get too drunk and keep they pussy lips smilin

These hoes wildin, but still I got 'em under control
Impatiently waitin for some dick thats swole
And just some horny ass bitches that love to fuck
Tellin me how they suck dick and swallow the nutt (they gobble it up)
I thought I told you about one of them hoes
I put my foot inside her pussy and took it out and suck my toes
Yo, don't forget to stop and get some fuckin duncoms, condoms
Forget them nigga we got a problem

That ain't no problem man, you know we must cover our bones
Zoom zoom bust in the room get bout two and I'm gone
And as soon as I get there I'm gonna spit some game to her
Get the pussy so quick you think I already knew her


Finally, at last Devin showed up
And the first thing this muthafucka said was........(Devin finishes the rest)

What the fuck is this thick neck big bitch here
Man I should a bought a 16 ounce beer
Say big hous, you fucked over me dawg I thought we was cool
How in the hell we gonna get these two big bitches in the pool

Ha Ha Ha, you fool, stop trippin and just take your clothes off
Cause all pussy feel the same when the lights go off

Man thats too much pork
For just one fork
And I'll pass
You can't even tell the difference between the stomach and they ass
Stretch marks on they titties like a road map
Hoe slapped, on some mabaline

But she keep her navel clean
And at least these hgoes big and cute not big and fucked up
You done fucked a skinny ugly ass hoe so nigga whats up
Don't give a fuck if you fuck these broads nobody knows
So just drank and smoke this dank and lets fuck these hoes


Come on and, show 'em what they pussy made for (4x)