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Artist: Devin f/ K-Dee and K.B.
Album:  The Dude
Song:   One Day at a Time
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Uh, rollin' car not stolen
Probably never will be it's much too old and
Smokin' weed feelin' fine
In my Nightville '79

I smoke weed I drink brew
That's all I rap about cause shit that's all I do
Some people get mad cause I smoke in front of my kids
Well I also wipe they ass when they piss and shit
I treat a woman like a queen and a bitch like a slut
But I tend to make 'em both wipe off my dick when I nut
I keep a whole bunch of bitches from Brawlway to Bisanet
A bitch to buy me weed a bitch to buy me beer and cigarettes
A hoe to help me with music have her ass jacked up 
In my vocal booth throw my mic doing backups 
She likes my old school Porshe
She like my old school knowledge
But most of all she like my special gold tooth polish
And she's bout it 
If I want it then I got it 
We'll be goin' off to college
I be givin' that pussy plenty mileage
I be nuttin' on your bitch while I'm rubbin' on her tits
She be suckin' on my dick 
I stuck it then I split

Keep in mind
Peace of mind
Takin' it a day at a time
Stayin' high 
To ease my mind
Wavin' at every bitch that goes by

Ya see my organization is gettin' stronger
See we ain't for that bullshit no longer
Devin and K-Dee
Never the less we
Keep the bud handy sip the finest French brandy
Jewels be imported don't fuck with the rinky dinky
Rock Ice like Berg Slim a couple stones on each pinky
Never fakin' but makin' boyfriends becomes exs
Kick to the curb see we swerve in a Lexus
How ya like us now
Got niggas sayin' "God DAMN" got white boys sayin' "Wow"
The way we put it down,hum, quite impressive
A cheese by the pound, damn so obsessive
You niggas need to stop thinkin' I'm a hater
Mad because I spit more game than a commentator
As long as your heads bobbin'
Your girls hearts throbbin'
Hit me with the dub when you see me out mobbin'


I fuck these hoes skinny or swole
He bitchin' bout ugly toes
You ain't fuckin' her  feet fuck the hoe with your eyes closed
Shit, I showed these bitches what they pussy made for
Especially a big ? Carter lookin' ass hoe
Bitch name ? fuckin' pooh big Shiela
Big country ass hoe with a body like a two liter
I feed her peter
She give me everything I need
I get beer by the cases and a big ole' bag a weed
Cause she love hustlin' Kelvin
I leave her with more blue notes than Melvin
Makes me a hamsandwich then I'm bailin' 
Out like a felon
Something metal lock lemon
These hoes got tricks but from me all they get is dick
And a whole bunch of lies that I spit
? flew up in these bitches I leave them hoes sick
We all know they ain't shit 
And so I'm out to get rich 
And if I hit
The bitch thick