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Artist: Devin The Dude
Album:  Suite #420
Song:   That Ain't Cool
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Bitch left some panties over here? Damn...
I don't get this shit... I might just throw this shit away or something...
Cause I can't have that drama over here round this motherfucker man...
Hello? Hey bitch!

You act like you don't care
Why would you leave your hair right there
Girl, that ain't cool
What you trying to do?
You know she gonna be on my ass
If she'll see yo lipstick on that glass
Girl, that ain't cool
What you trying to do?

[Verse 1]
Girl you trying to get me busted, get me fuss that
Have me listening to all that bullshit
You know my gal don't usually come to the weekend
You know I'm in the mood for some hump day freakin
So I aks you to come breeze thru
I got a couple of kind of liquors and some good weed too
In my head, I could hurry up and knock it down
But you said, you had company, your aunt's in town
I'm like aaaight, nothing but respect
Had to look down and tell my dick
And after a few shots and two or three sweets
Me and my bone shoulda known that you'd be sleep
Then, in the morning you woke without a poke
You went and took a shower, I went and got a smoke
And I wasn't trippin, cause you was in there for a minute
But you left the sink witcha hair in it
And if my gal see that, it'll be on in the flash
Fingernail in the tub, tampon in the trash
I'm like 'Damn' you got me lookin for something else you may have left
(You tryin to get me killed!)


[Verse 2]
She went from takin a nap to makin a trap
Try to take advantage when I'm baked and I'm zapped
But I know the half some hip to the game
When my baby leaves, oh what a shame
A friendly invite turns into spending the night
Starts off cool but the ending ain't right
Like, the other night when I went sightseeing
Fallin up in the clubs the hoes might be in
Dipped up in diamonds didn't take too long
DJ saw me and played two songs
Bitches start peepin and creepin my way
Shakin they ass tryin to see if I'll pay
Hey, I get pussy for free, see I ain't no trick
Had to look down to remind my dick
Shit, I just came cuz it was one dollar Monday
Buy a brew, get a dance, watch you on the runway
When I left, yep, she followed me
And I was thinking maybe she wanted to swallow me
I rolled down the window, she said 'Where you going?'
I said 'I'm going home ho, I hope you ain't hoein'
And then she came to the house
I was thinking how I was gon say how I came in her mouth, but
It didn't happen that way, I was trapped in a maze
Bitch was just yappin for days
I laid in the bed and I waited for head
But she was sobbin and slobbin wit her eyes all red
Ran out the house hollin 'Don't nobody give a shit'
She left the wig and her shoes, the whole stripper kit

[Chorus with Devin telling a girl to get her shit together and leave]