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Artist: Devin the Dude f/ Gar
Album:  Hi-Life *
Song:   Run
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Look at 'em run

[Verse One] [Devin]
You can't catch 'em, don't even try to
The route that he takes is hard to follow
He lives for today and not tomorrow
Every move that he makes is about the dollar
And he's much to fast to catch up with
A fine piece of ass he'll snatch up quick
See the women are amazed at the size of his engine
Jealous ass niggas wanna catch him and lynch him
He don't chill, cruise or stop
They wonder if he's on pills, shrooms or what
But the boy got the rhythm, style and class
Oh and when he throw they go smile when they ask
You might as well say that he got 'em
Makin' love uptown then he dip to the bottom
To fuck over somebody, this man will
He don't pause, he don't stand still
He just...

[Scratch Chorus] [x4]
Look at 'em run

[Verse Two] [Devin]
You best to get out the way when he come
You best to hide all your hoes, he'll freak 'em
He c-c-cut 'em, scr-scr-scratch 'em off his list
Put on his drawers and leave without a kiss
Switch from lane to lane
Refused to break, he straight changed the game
No need to watch him, you can't stop him
Get close range if you wanna pop him
But he'll bail out quick with the wind in his hair
Oh shit, is that him right there?

I hit the highway
6'10 ablaze
A big bad motherfucker, 24 inch blades
Pop a pill, smoke, chill, big foot for the skrill
Classic 3-51 lift, kid in the grill
Speed it up and slow down 
And I'm always down to blow now
Cruisin' in a swisher and you never find me tore down

[Scratch Chorus] [x4]
Look at 'em run

[Verse Three] [Devin]
Zero to fifty in 2.5
Secs as he wrecks, almost but he drives
The girls crazy with his hazy eyes
And his ride, a wing dinner, extra gravy and fries
Don't even have time for a four course meal
And if it ain't important, he ain't 'bout it for real
He's steals hearts, but he's not a thief
The way that he is give him a lot of beef
The name is Fast, Motherfuckin' Swift
Told him, he ain't the nigga to be fuckin' with
But shit, they ain't gon' listen
Until they wake up and he's gone and they panties is missin'
He'll call back
And they'll wish him well
Never kiss and tell, he give them dick and bail
And keep comin' and goin', goin', comin'
They hot on his track on his back 
But he...

[Scratch Chorus] [x4]
Look at 'em run