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Artist: Devin the Dude 
Album:  Oz sountrack
Song:   Can't Wait 
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I can't wait 'til you get out my brotha 
It's hard to put it in a letter and say 
But I'll be here when you get out my brotha 
And do my best to help you live in better days 

What's up man 
I don't know if this letter's gonna reach ya before I try to come see ya 
I'm not too busy but things been kinda happenin for me 
I been meetin new people, my nigga, and some of 'em love me 
On the road, toatin my fiddle, in the middle of June 
I took a lot a pictures, I'm gonna develop 'em soon 
Family is cool, I talk to mama, she chillin 
But until you get out bro', you know how we feelin 
Here in the free world, it seems a much better place 
But I tell you one thing man, it ain't that safe 
Shit be happenin for a reason but I don't ask why 
Some niggas get shot, some go to jail and some die 
But if you wonderin do I miss ya, then ya know I got to tell ya, yeah 
And if you was wonderin will I be waitin for you when you get here, yeah 


Some like twins more than friends, I couldn't picture me without ya 
Don't know what to say when niggas from back in the day ask about ya 
They ain't forgot ya and I think about the past I remember 
Us break dancin for lunch money, breakin in shit for dinner 
I tried to write once in a while, I don't know where to start 
Thinkin about how the system tore us apart 
But you got a good heart and better days are yet to come 
So when they let 'cha go we gon' make sure that you get you some 
Tell them brothas 'stay up' that's with you in the pen 
And wish me luck on this race, chunk you a few if I win 
But you'll be out by then, we'll be able to help each other 
God bless, I love ya, and brotha 
If you was wonderin do I miss ya then you know I got to tell ya, yeah 
And if you was wonderin will I be waitin for ya when ya get here, yeah