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Artist: Devin the Dude f/ Dr. Dre
Album:  Bust One Fo Y'all - Vol. II (Mixtape)
Song:   Bust One 4 YA (Live) *
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* Originally performed on Dr. Dre's "UP In The Smoke Tour" 
Las Vagas, NV at Thomas and Mack Center, August 11, 2000 

[Intro: Dr. Dre]
Alright, well check it
We found, a friend of us
Straight outta Houston, Texus
He's representing Rap-A-Lot Records and shit
He goes by the name of Devin, Devin the Dude
And we brought him along
Just to sing, a little song for all the ladies out there
Yeah, yo Devin, you gonna do this song for them?
Yeah, bust that.. bust that shit for them

[Devin the Dude]
Hey, hey what do you say?
Tell me have you ever been fucked this way?
Hoo hoo, what you gon' do;
When I shove this dick in you?
Hee hee, what do you see?
Have you ever saw big nuts like these?
Ho ho, what do you know?
Let me bust one of them and then go

* from this line Dr. Dre's Fuck YOU beats started to come in