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Artist: Devin the Dude f/ Angela Williams
Album:  One For the Road
Song:   Livin' This Life
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Devin the Dude]
Life, they say it cuts like a knife
I know you heard it all befo', the struggle and strife
And all the stuff that we gripe, about like spoiled young children
While reckless living, expecting to get up in heaven
Devin is really no different, than the average Joe
Some people think I'm rich and famous, living lavish but no
Just when happiness comes, you got to grab it and go
Life treasures'll pass you up, if you paddling slow
And just when you get up, you'll get knocked back down
Wishing there was a way, to tick the clock back around
But you can't, and you think of all the people you lost
All the stuff that you had, it wasn't worth the cost
Was it worth the blood, the sweat tears and pain
And if you had a chance to do it again, would it be the same
I just wish he'd forgive me, for my thoughts and sins
Sometimes I feel like giving up, but no I'll never give in even though just when

[Chorus: Angela Williams]
Just when I thought I had the same, here comes the rain
It's like the more things change, I hold and stay the same
Living this life, ain't easy
But I'ma keep on going, please be believe me

[Devin the Dude]
Death, that's when there's no breath left
Inside a room in a cocoon, is where your feelings are kept
And what's trapped is hateful, very distasteful
Unfaithful, and just plain disgraceful
Cause you pay for what you get, but it ain't too late to switch
Your mind state either, that'll increase the crime rate
The time it takes, to think about some negative thangs
Is what's stopping you, from getting you to the heaven you gain
So just chill, relax a lil'
If you got it for somebody, and they ask then give
Yep straight from the heart, and if they take advantage of it
You gotta leave it up, to the man from up above
It's kinda strange when it rains, it pours you look at yours
And what's not, and take it back cause what somebody else got
Shit gotta stop, gotta get your shit together
Be prepared and be ready for this weather, that's forever


[Devin the Dude]
Time, seems like it doesn't rewind
And you can't go back and change the shit, but you can find
That you can learn from the mistakes you made, life moves on
Look at the problem, stop dwelling who's right who's wrong
And who belongs who don't, who are we to judge
And it really gotta mean something, if you want me to budge
For a certain cause, shit I wear my own draws
Sometimes I'm lost, but I don't be crying to y'all
Because you got to live yours, I got to live mine
But we got to live together, who knows when it's going down
Life is short, no need to speed through it
No need to try to prove it, just cause he or she do it
I fasten up my safety belt, get ready for the drive
Cause it's one bumpy curvy ass, hell of a ride
That's nonstop, and I can't get out
Most importantly I can't give up or give in, even though just when

[Chorus - 2x]