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Artist: Devin The Dude
Album:  The Official Smoke Session Mixtape
Song:   Official Smoke Session
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[Intro] [Devin Talking]
Man, just gettin' high. You trippin' man. Freestyle little man
Hey, Domo, on this motherfuckin' beat right here too
Man, check this out man. We just dug up some shit up
I forgot where the verse came from
We just gonna slap it on this Official Smoke Session Mixtape right here
Devin The Dude, Coughee Brothaz
It don't stop

Walk kinda limpish
Smell kinda hempish
Playa type style with the pen, I'm kinda pimpish
From Memphis to Miami
Milwaukee to Minnesota
It's so easy for me to go find a bitch and bend her over
I'm older than your uncle
But younger than your pa
I'm just the right age to fuck your sister in law
Pussy, weed and alcohol, that's all you think I do
But that ain't true
I like to get my dick sucked too
And the crew is the Coughee Brothaz
Rude as the Odd Squad
Fuckin' your fiancee, makin' your girlfriend twa twa
And this dick stays hard
No need for no X pills
Look at your gal smilin', yeah she knows how this dick feels

Smoke Session. Devin The Dude