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Artist: Devin the Dude f/ G Monee, Young Malice
Album:  Landing Gear
Song:   Yo Mind
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[Verse 1: Devin the Dude]
You thinkin nobody care, and you're in it by yourself
Takin anythin, steady destroyin your health
And it's almost 2 and you, on ya ass
Lookin at the clock, watchin opportunity pass
You got a few ends, so you order some friends in
As soon as they come in you ready & willin to spend, but
Back in the day, you used to stay broke
And you had no friends because they laughed & they joked, and
Poked fun at your shoes & clothes
Now you got a house full of booze and hoes, and
Anything goes, with no house rules
You need to stop, you about to lose

[chorus: Devin the Dude]
Yo mind, don't you just go & throw it all away
Yo body, don't you just go & throw it all away
Yo future, don't you just go & throw it all away
Yo money, don't you just go & throw it all away

[Verse 2: Young Malice]
I see you're car-hoppin late nights, workin the graveyard shift
Could use a lift up out this hellhole you're trapped in
See your reflection flicker in that syringe
Flashback so when your life was on the right track, way back when
You was the homecomin queen, now you the, neighborhood fiend
Do anything, there is nothin that you haven't seen
Your kids prayin one day you could get clean
And kick the habit, leave it all behind before you lose


[Verse 3: G Monee]
Chasin dreams
Might be your only chance you better make it count
Second guessin'll leave you assed out
Real life's a blessin, stressin, guessin the best route
I'm still like if it don't feel right, then it ain't on
If it don't fit, don't force it, it don't belong
I been blessed and all of my drama forever gone, wishin
Just wishful thinkin, whether I'm right or wrong, listen
On my mama whenever I'm all alone
All I hear is what don't kill you make you motherfuckin strong
Proof's in the truth, so don't be scared to pray
For your family, friends, and enemies everyday, hey
Might sing the blues cuz shit that you go through
Or make you crazy and confused but don't you lose